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The Illest Photos Of The Most Surreal.

When photography stops to tell the concrete reality and try to represent a concept, when the image alludes to something, it becomes visual narrative, surreal and fantastic, a concept art.  A very young artist, spokesman of this photographic genre, is the American David Talley, founder and creative director of Concept Collaboration, a worldwide movement dedicated to conceptual photography.  With a touch a bit emo(tional) and an image processing similar to the dark one of Tim Barton, his goal seeks to highlight “the darkest moment before an explosion of light”.  Through the use of the movement and the rarefied atmospheres, David translates the emotions of real life in photographs from the positive impact that try to capture vulnerability and disturbances. Every place, every natural element help him enrich his narrative skills and provides in visual emotions.  The reality, after all, is only a starting point.


Check out the Hexanest. It’s not a bird’s nest. It’s a nest for hexes. And when I say hexes I mean lights. The entire concept was produced with the thought to remind the user of home, where the heart is, where one can truly relax. Like a home whose components are all plug-and-play, the frame acts as the gopher holes, and the hexagon-shaped lights like the gophers. But hanging from the ceiling. And each hole makes the bulb burn brighter.  Slap those hexagons right in the hexagons and each of the holes makes a different result.  And as you can see, they’re all good. Find a fabulous larger room in your house or office or amazing building from when you serve fabulous foods, and get hexy.