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Smart Mirror 2.0

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From the kitchen to the bathroom or living room creative and useful furniture and home decor help us create a house to love. And it’s much more interesting than ordinary products make unordinary things. For example, designer Robert Grynkofki created the Mirror 2.0, which uses voice command, face and gesture recognition technology. Two LCD displays are placed behind a one-way mirror with a camera for face recognition, sensors for motion control and a microphone for voice control. To keep you entertained the mirror plays your music or movies, displaying your e-book or streaming the news. If that is not enough, it even communicates reminders or gives you updates on the weather; it can moderate the room temperature and dim the lights.

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3D Facial Recognition Airport Security

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The broadway 3D facial recognition system – installed for airport access control – provides the highest security level available on the market. The system captures the geometry of a human face – one of the most precise biometrics that is impossible to fool or fake. Developed by artec group, the security measure was selected to be installed in the Sochi Airport for the 2014 winter olympics. The system eliminates access of an unregistered person or unauthorized employee. In less than a second it captures surface information. Having analyzed about 40 thousand points on a user’s face it builds a mathematical model and compares it to the database. It is capable of identifying a person while walking, wearing hats or sunglasses and can also decipher between identical twins.

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo.

So the internet has been a-buzz with searches for pictures of Gucci’s new tattoo, I’ve got it, but lets start from the beginning… Less than six months after his release from prison, Gucci Mane checked himself into a rehab facility for an addiction to cocaine.  According to Ozone Magazine, members of the rapper’s entourage were involved in an hour-long stand-off against Gucci outside the Riverwoods Southern Regional Psychiatric Center in Riverdale, GA in October of last year. The group, which included his manager and lawyer, begged him to enter the facility for treatment, apparently interrupting a Narcotics Anonymous class that was taking place at the time of his arrival.  After coaxing from his lawyer, who convinced the ‘So Wasted’ rapper that failing to get help for his drug addiction could land him right back behind bars, the 30-year-old turned himself in for 28-day treatment. The facility, which specializes in alcohol and substance abuse released Gucci Mane a few days ago, but it looks like they released him too soon.  Check out the ice cream tattoo he got from Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta.