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The Ripple Effect Tea Table.

According to Korean designers Jeonghwa Seo and Hanna Chung, easterners commonly believe that small changes of an individual person or object can make big impact on the larger society, thus, leading to a modest and totalitarian culture. (Basically, cool little things make us happy.)  This social tendency described as a ‘ripple effect’ was translated here into tea ceremony table.  As part of his graduation project for IM Masters Design Academy Eindhoven, ‘ripple effect tea table’ by Korean industrial designer Jeonghwa Seo in partnership with Hanna Chung is a reflection of eastern mentality towards social relationships.  Ripples are created on the top water layer of the table surface every time the tea cup and saucer are moved by the user.  Through this project, Seo and Chung wanted to emphasize the importance of considering cultural mentality and context as a backdrop to their work. I still have no idea where to buy one though. #SadFace

Timur Lysenko’s Tattoos


There is darkness and beauty in Timur Lysenko’s tattoos. His Polish-based tattooer uses gradient shading to create 3D wow-factor portraits and flowers, and then mixes into the compositions flat lines and sweater-style patterns for a contrasting effect. There is a lot of black pigment, and some bright pink or red. The aesthetic and themes are like flashbacks of horror movies; bits of Edward Scissorhands and Beauty and the Beast, as well as Punk Rock music and album covers.

timur-lysenko-05 timur-lysenko-061 timur-lysenko-02 timur-lysenko-03 timur-lysenko-04 timur-lysenko-06

The Bobby Effect – Eazy (Eazy E Tribute).

The Bobby Effect has been blowing up in the bay faster than folks can keep track of.  With her videos and freestyle are being talked about by everyone locally and abroad, it’s no wonder her new tribute track to Eazy E is making a splash.  Take a look at the video below.

Do Colors Effect The Way You Buy?

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A Real Life Photoshop Tool.

This is to all my graphic design, or photo students at art schools all around the world…. Don’t you wish sometimes you could use Photoshop tools in real life?  Magic erase your room mate, use the liquify effect to make girls tits bigger, or turn the Gaussian Blur down to 0.0 pixels when you have a hang over in the morning.  Well we’re a bit far off from things being that easy, but this new sensor pen is one of the closest things to the Color Sampler tool anyone’s come ever before.  Check the method below.

Ann He Photography.

A day or two ago, I came across some beautiful portraits by Ann He.  They each have a very distinct vintage look to them that many photographers have tried to emulate over time, but not too many have succeeded as well as Ann.  This superb talented young female photographer, who is only 15 years old is based in Dallas, Texas.  She says photography is her way to capture the ordinary and extraordinary, and I’m my opinion, regardless of subject matter, she has made every picture in her collection exquisit.