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DUCKWRTH – Fukushima (Official Video).


Duckwrth, aside from being featured on this blog many-a-time, also has a constant track record of creating some of the most refreshingly original music I’ve personally heard.  His newest beast Fukushima was produced by Viktorstone, and puts Duck’s candid flow on full display. The video is about Duckwrth and crew attempting to catch “The Fukushima Creature” before it gets to the beach and poisons the ocean. Blended with some amazing skating scenes and humorous outtakes, Fukushima serves to be not just only an unique and creative video, but a way to inform the world on the Nuclear waste in Japan that threatens our oceans today.  Check the method below.

Check The Live Team Backpack Show.

Team Backpack has become a driving force in Bay Area Hip Hop in the last year, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Anyone in the Bay who has real talent and the drive for Hip Hop has been featured on Team Backpack, and when I say anyone, I mean that looks, style, and race don’t matter.  All that comes through Team Backpack is pure lyrical skill, and that makes it one of the purest displays of Hip Hop out there.  Period.  If you haven’t seen any of the Team Backpack videos, check one out below, and if you’re in the Bay, take the time to come down to the concert on the 31st.

6 Songs You’ve Never Heard Quite Like This.

I’m a firm believer that the word “remix” is thrown around a bit too loosely.  Any person who slaps an extra verse onto the beginning or the end of a song isn’t necessarily creating a remix.  What I personally consider a remix, is more along the lines of a total re-imagining of a song.  An entirely new beat that accents different portions of the lyrics, using parts of a track to reinforce the original message, or construct an entirely new concept is something not everyone can do.  Eminem’s ‘Stan’ is a perfect example of someone taking a song, and truly making it their own, with their own message in a way not too many other could.  That being said, I’ve heard a gambit of tracks since the winter began, but 6 in particular stand out, each in their own unique way from both their originals, and from what anyone else is putting out right now.  (NOT to toot my own horn, but) myself, Rob Scott, Duckworth of Tokyo 24, Lazer Sword, and G-Eazy have all independently produced wildly inventive re-imaginings of songs from the 40’s to 2011.  The list below consists of 6 songs that in their own way, each take a song, and turns it into a new creation, be it the beat, the lyrics, reinforcing, or warping concepts, take a listen to each one.


Click the pic for more G-Eazy, and below to hear 'Runaround Sue'


Click the pic for more Lazer Swords, and click below to hear 'Stuntin Like My Daddy'


Click the pic for more... uhh... Me, and click below to hear '10 Crack Commandments'.


Click the pic for more Hudson Mohawke, and click below to hear 'Oops, (Oh My)'


Click the pic for more Rob Scott, and click below to hear 'If I Die Young'.


Click the pic for more Duckworth, and click below to hear 'Swell Arival'.

The New Team BackPack Cypher.

Click the pic to see more from Team BackPack.

Team BackPack has been rising the ranks of the web’s premier hip hop spots for quite some time now, but with new directors, and a new look, the Cypher is on full attack.  Check out the the newest cypher, (season 3, episode 7) below, and click the pic above to get familiar with the Team BackPack movement, and all their doing for Bay Area hip hop.

Tokyo 24 – Aeonian Complex EP.

Click the pic to listen.

The group Tokyo 24 has been compared to the likes of Theophilus London, N.E.R.D., and Kanye West, all without having released either an EP, or LP.  But the hype has been building when the group announced their first EP project Aeonian Complex.  (I’ve even posted a few of the preliminary ads on the blog last week) And finally the finished product is out on the web for fans and new finders alike to listen to and enjoy.  Click the pic to hear ‘Aeonian Complex’.

The ‘Aeonian Complex’ (Ad 2)

Click the pic to read more.

With all the incredible music that’s been dropping all this summer, it’s no surprise that Tokyo 24 would be next up to release an incredible collection.  The duo of Duckworth & BeatStreets will be releasing the “Aeonian Complex” EP on August 11th, click the pic to see more about the project.

The ‘Aeonian Complex’.

Click the pic to read more.

With all the incredible music that’s been dropping all this summer, it’s no surprise that Tokyo 24 would be next up to release an incredible collection.  The duo of Duckworth & BeatStreets will be releasing the “Aeonian Complex” EP on August 11th, click the pic to see more about the project.

Duckworth – Yellow Subterrain.

Click the pic to listen.

Duckworth of Tokoy 24 has been killing the scene for quite some time, and is proving his talent with a constant barge of lyrical goodness entitled “A Swell Arrival”.  The fourth installment of the collection, named “Yellow Subterrain” is available for download by clicking the picture.  Team Backpack also recently had another cypher featuring Duckworth.  The video is below, but the swag is everywhere.

Duckworth – Landen Chill.

The second single from Duckworth of Tokyo 24’s first EP entitled, Landen Chill furthers the lyrical journey started in the first single (Swell Arrival). It is a smooth, well constructed track that shows off more of Duckworth’s vocal talents. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by yours truely.  Click the pic to listen to “Landen Chill”.

Showtime @ The Ritch.

Duckworth of Tokyo 24

330 Ritch has been host to many different talented acts from all around the world.  But on the 23rd of March 2011, The Above Ground entertainment company put together a perfect storm of music, musicians, and madness that made the night magic.  Yours truly, DJ Storm, Tokyo 24, C -Plus, DJ King Most, 87 Stickup Kids, Kreayshawn, Alexander Spits, and Theophilus London all played a part in tearing the house to the ground.  Check the Above Ground footage below.

Theophilus London @ 330 Ritch.

There are quite a few pretty ridiculous artists in the hip hop community that I feel don’t get the appropriate recognition, and Theophilus London is a prime example.  Lyrically and conceptually a step ahead of other artists in his bracket, Theo has been on my radar for quite some time, and when I heard that the Above Ground crew was bringing him out to perform at 330, I was juiced.  The show goes down March 23rd at 330 Ritch downtown San Francisco.  Among the list of performers to be standing on the same stage is my good ol’ boy Duckworth, so it’s sure to be a night of great music.  ‘The 87 Stick Up Kids’, Alexander Spit, C Plus and DJ King Most will also be in the building.  All the rest of the info is below, check the method and come through.

Duckworth on Team Backpack 2.

Duckworth getting vicious on the mic.

Not too many people may be aware that I try not to blog on the same topic too many times, unless some aspect about it drastically changes, or the issue takes an inescapable turn.  But when I saw my good friend, the emcee Duckworth on the new Team Back Pack cypher, I had to post it up.  I know some people had to remember his first cypher appearance just a month ago, but this is an entirely different beast.  Team Back Pack is proficient in supply a wide variety of beats for artists to spit over, and is prolific in the way they showcase talent.  check the method in the video below of Duckworth doing his thing, the way he does it best… (SWAG)

Team Backpack Freestyle – ft. So Proper, Esque Coast, & Duckworth

One of the best opportunities an emcee has to create a memorable moment is during a cypher.  Its a raw demonstration of pure creative talent in front of an audience of your peers, that can make, break, or shape the way your perceived as an artist.  Team Backpack seems to recognize the importance of this format of rap, and puts out cyphers on the weekly, (much like the BET Awards cyphers) featuring different emcees of the highest caliber.  Their most recent however features a good friend of mine cuttin in last.  Check the method below to see Tokyo 24’s Duckworth tearin up the mic.

And don’t forget to vote for Duckworth at

Tokyo 24 @ The Boom Boom Room


Not For Me.

Recently Duckworth of  Tokyo 24 recorded the song “Not For Me 1.4.3”, and is now releasing a short video reflecting the theme of track.  The soft melodic sounds of “Not For Me” accompanied by an anime scene in which a girl is attempting to give her “love” to a boy, which is a metaphor for the message of the song.  To get some other news about Duckworth and Tokyo 24, click the pic to check out the new ‘Tour with Tokyo’ blog.

Click the pic to 'Tour with Tokyo'