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Samuel L. Jackson – Beez In The Trap.

Millions of Nicki Minaj fans all over the world not only love and adore her music, but are enthused by the way she dresses.  The pink wigs, the crazy costume-esque attire, and the wild and crazy accessories all add to Minaj’s swagger.  But it’s rare to see someone who would wouldn’t expect taking on Nicki’s pink wig, and singing one of her songs… Much less Samuel L Jackson, one of the most gangster mother f*ckers of all time.

Pusha T Speaks His Mind On 107.5.

Pusha T jumped on the radio earlier this week to discuss his thoughts on the 2011 BET Cypher, his new album with Good Music, and Drizzy Drake.  Check the method below.

Shady Records 2.0 – 2011 BET Uncut Cypher.

No matter what crew your allegiance may be pledged to in rap, there’s denying that the new Shady Records team is a force to be reckoned with.  They proved this during the anxiously anticipated 2011 BET cypher this year.  Surprisingly enough however, Eminem wasn’t the only one spitting pure fire and brimstone.  Check the method below to see how the entire crew stacked up.

The New Team BackPack Cypher.

Click the pic to see more from Team BackPack.

Team BackPack has been rising the ranks of the web’s premier hip hop spots for quite some time now, but with new directors, and a new look, the Cypher is on full attack.  Check out the the newest cypher, (season 3, episode 7) below, and click the pic above to get familiar with the Team BackPack movement, and all their doing for Bay Area hip hop.

Duckworth – Yellow Subterrain.

Click the pic to listen.

Duckworth of Tokoy 24 has been killing the scene for quite some time, and is proving his talent with a constant barge of lyrical goodness entitled “A Swell Arrival”.  The fourth installment of the collection, named “Yellow Subterrain” is available for download by clicking the picture.  Team Backpack also recently had another cypher featuring Duckworth.  The video is below, but the swag is everywhere.

Duckworth on Team Backpack 2.

Duckworth getting vicious on the mic.

Not too many people may be aware that I try not to blog on the same topic too many times, unless some aspect about it drastically changes, or the issue takes an inescapable turn.  But when I saw my good friend, the emcee Duckworth on the new Team Back Pack cypher, I had to post it up.  I know some people had to remember his first cypher appearance just a month ago, but this is an entirely different beast.  Team Back Pack is proficient in supply a wide variety of beats for artists to spit over, and is prolific in the way they showcase talent.  check the method in the video below of Duckworth doing his thing, the way he does it best… (SWAG)

C.I. Bang – TeamBackPack Audition.


Click the pic to watch the video.

Team Backpack has been doing their thing for quite some time, Their cyphers have been the center of up-and-coming emcees attention for a minute in the Bay Area.  But for whatever reason, since Duckworth hit the Team Backpack scene, my email inbox has been over run with emails about how artists can get on the Team Backpack site.  I personally am not a member of the team, but I do know that there is an audition process online that you can find out about from their site, and emcees must record an audition tape and post it up online to get recognition before they’re considered for the monthly cypher.  I’ve taken a look at all of the auditions posted up to date, and I have to say that only 2 or 3 out of 30 struck me as hype-worthy.  The best of these comes from the artist C.I. Bang, the flow is a welcome departure from the repetitious babble of other posters, and stands out (to me) as a valid entry into the Team Backpack rotation.  Check out the audition tape by clicking on the picture above, and you’ll know you’d want to see C.I. do his thing in the Team Backpack mix this month.

Team Backpack Freestyle – ft. So Proper, Esque Coast, & Duckworth

One of the best opportunities an emcee has to create a memorable moment is during a cypher.  Its a raw demonstration of pure creative talent in front of an audience of your peers, that can make, break, or shape the way your perceived as an artist.  Team Backpack seems to recognize the importance of this format of rap, and puts out cyphers on the weekly, (much like the BET Awards cyphers) featuring different emcees of the highest caliber.  Their most recent however features a good friend of mine cuttin in last.  Check the method below to see Tokyo 24’s Duckworth tearin up the mic.

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