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The Boss Up Brunch.

Turn down for BUNCH.  The only Gary Michael Houston is hosting the most anticipated meet and greet of the season.  53 Bruckner Blvd will see some of the best and brightest the business has to offer in the Bronx, Sunday, October 17th.  Be there for the hookah, the food and most importantly the connects.  From 12-4, the unlimited mimosas are just an added bonus to the like minded folks there to boss up.  They have Trap, Afrobeats, Soca, Reggae, and of course Hip Hip.  It’s a nice atmosphere to get a massage (for the VIPs only) or a hookah, and the full brunch and dinner menus are the peak of excellence.  The event is presented by @TaniseFranchise and @ImNextModeling hosted by @GaryMHouston The vibe is like minded individuals, so bring your A game.  Click the link below to RSVP.  Let no contact go unsaved, and no mimosa go undrank. 

Nismo Smartwatch Concept By Nissan Connects To Your Car


Nissan has become the first car manufacturer to create a smartwatch designed specifically for drivers of nismo tuned nissan cars. Unveiled at the 2013 frankfurt international motor show, the ‘nismo smartwatch concept’ has the capabilities to connect a driver to the car, providing them with real-time biometric data. The wearable device monitors pulse and brain activity, documenting driver performance and efficiency via a heart rate monitor. An electrocardiogram measures the intervals of the R-R rhythm of the heart and can identify early fatigue, and an electroencephalogram brainwave monitors the drivers’ levels of concentration and emotions, helping athletes get ‘in the zone’. Core body temperatures and hydration levels can also be recorded for more accurate readings. In addition, the smartwatch also accesses vehicle telematics and performance data while on track, analyzing the efficiency of the car’s average speed and fuel consumption readings.

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The Concept Line Phone.

We all know that every company tries to put out an “iPhone Killer” or what have you, and during all this fighting for taking that top slot, no one has really (in my opinion) produced a phone that goes above and beyond the capabilities of whats out right now… until I saw the Line Phone out of China.  During my first time seeing this video for the Line Phone, I thought it was pretty cool… until the end.  Be warned, things may be a bit dull for a little over half of the short flick, especially if your already up on the best phones modern technology has to offer, but around 2 minutes and 45 seconds, it starts to bend the bounds of logic.  By the end of the video both my assistant and I were just screaming with excitement at how the concept for this phone is, and the potential it would have to take over the market if it sold half as many units as the iPhone.