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John Wick 2: Morpheus Is Fighting Neo!


Everyone who’s seen The Matrix remembers the classic scene where Mouse runs into the galley of the Nebuchadnezzar, and shouts to the crew “Morpheus is fighting Neo!”.  I had that level of excitement when I saw the first teaser trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2, and for very good reason.  This second installment see’s Keanu Reeves as John Wick traveling the globe, getting into a western style shoot out with Common, and coming face to face in a stand off with his old friend Laurence Fishburne. Check the trailer below.

The New ‘Suicide Squad’ Character Posters Are To Die For.


WB has just released a batch of new Suicide Squad character portraits to promote the film. It seems the marketing campaign really wants to reinforce the tattoo motif. Will “skin-ink” actually factor into the plot of David Ayer’s story? And what of Common’s mysterious villain?  We’re roughly two months away from the release of the film yet (thankfully) we still don’t know a whole lot about what Deadshot (Will Smith) and co. will be facing other than a crazed Joker (Jared Leto).


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Big Sean – Switch Up ft. Common


Big Sean decides to release something new off his upcoming sophomore album ‘Hall Of Fame’. He lets go of his collaboration with Common titled ‘Switch Up’, which is produced by Million $ Mano, No I.D. and Rob Kinelski. Expect ‘Hall Of Fame’ to drop sometime during the summer.

Common And Drake Squash The Beef?

With the Grammy’s occuring last night, a few devout Hip Hop heads noticed that both Common and Drake were both in attendance.  After Common’s repeated Drizzy disses, Drake simply said at a concert that Common should try and “say it to [his] mutha f*ckin face”.  The Grammys were certainly an opportunity for the two to come face to face, but instead, Common spoke to a drunken Toure’ (from Fuse TV) and seemed to squash the beef.   (A friend pointed out that after Common’s album was released, and he had to see Drake in person, he squashed the beef in a timely manner.)  But it’s a good things to see two emcees ending a feud that ultimately amounted to nothing but a few memorable songs and people talking sh*t.

As much as some would love to stop hearing about it (… like myself), word on the street is that the duo met coincidentally back stage, and got into some type of scuffle.  The police were called in to break up the confrontation, and before both parties left the building, it happened a second time.  Now, this is all rumors as of now, and I hate reporting on rumors, no matter what the topic, but if it’s true, I know people would love to know exactly what went on.

Behind The Scenes: Waka Flocka ft. Drake – Round Of Applause.

Take an exclusive behind the scenes look at the filming of the video for ‘Round Of Applause’ by Waka Flocka featuring Drizzy Drake.

Mike Posner & Blackbear – Stay Schemin’ Remix.

The Metro Detroit pop star Mike Posner and his California comrade Blackbear decided recently to add their own flare to the only notable diss song in the past few years, Rick Ross and Drake’s “Stay Schemin.”  Considering this combination from these two crooning Caucasians seems somewhat odd on paper, presumably a few of you will hesitate and opt for French’s original, flat chorus. But, you’d be hard-pressed to hear such rich lyrical content being replicated so flawlessly, as these makers of “Marauder Music” completely knock this out the park and give the irrevocable gangster love some depth beyond just the Kobe call and ginger ale tales.

Common’s Interview Discussing His Fued With Drake.

In the Rap game, there will always be beefs and feuds.  But a very puzzling one came blairing onto the radio and the web about a month ago.  Common and Drake seem to be in full swing on a beef that no one expected.  After some shots directly to Drizzy, Common sat down with Hip Hop Nation to discuss how everything got started.  Listen to the interview below.

Even one of my favorite rappers Grafh said it the best, “I like Common, I like Drake… (wait) I like veggie-patties, and I like steak.  Both them n*ggas different, I don’t wanna see ’em riffin, I’mma fan, I just wanna see ’em spittin.  I just wanna see black people eatin’, I just wanna see the dishes.”  And I totally agree.  I don’t understand why they can’t both just get along?

Pusha T – Sweet Freestyle (Official Video).

Pusha T has been hailed as a beast in the rap game by many.  After a conversation a few months ago with my barber Quincy about Pusha T vs. Fabolous, I started to recount all the different verses from both emcees, and couldn’t come to clear decision.  But after the Sweet freestyle Pusha put out, I think my scales tip a tad bit in the favor of “Mr. T”.  Thankfully the G.O.O.D. Music team too the time to release a video for the freestyle.  Check the method below.

Common – Sweet (Official Video).


Common is gearing up for the December release of his ninth studio album, titled The Dreamer, The Believer, and releases its newest visual for the latest single, “Sweet.”  The song itself just makes me ask the question “Common, why are you so upset?”.  But apparently, the Chicago rap star experienced a life-changing moment during a recent trip to Haiti to shoot the clip. Over the course of four days, Common and director Phil the God captured the everyday life of the people following 2010’s earthquake.  Proceeds from the premiere were donated to the J/P Haitian Relief Organization to assist with relief efforts.  The Dreamer, The Believer is due out December 20th.