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Creepy Things (Part 1.)

When it comes to unique character designs, and just all around dope artwork, Sasha Korenev is second to none.  The collection titled “Creepy Things” is one of many collections, and features some dope artwork starting off with a rendition of Pennywise The Clown (from “It”).  Check the collection below.

More than just individual characters, the collages and pattern designs of Sasha’s work has always fascinated up, check it out.


Culinary Art Illustration

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11

This character design of culinary arts are animated illustrations of how fun food can be.

Picture 12

Nike Air Reinvented

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The Nike Air Max is proof that when revolution meets evolution, a dynasty is born. Momot collaboration with the Nike Air Max for creating new artwork concept.

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T-Shirt Designs

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Check out these t-shirt illustrations, they are pretty funny and very creative.

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Marlos Lima – Typography

Marlos Lima is a great illustrator living in Sao Paolo, Brazil. His work is quite impressive, whether it’s in the character design, cartoon creations or typographic publications.

Character Design vs. Package Design.

Characters have strong attraction in packaging design. Do not underestimate a cute puppy dog character on a piece of packaging because it probably does have an effective power to attract the customers. The existence of nice character design also makes packaging feel more alive and much more fun. It can also turn plain and boring packaging in to new collectible items for the customers.  Check out some interesting examples.