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Jeff Koons & Dom Pérignon Limited Edition Bottle


American artist Jeff Koons has teamed up with champagne label Dom Pérignon for a limited-edition rosé package that is set to retail for $20,000. The champagne is a 2003 vintage which, according to cellar master Richard Geoffroy is “as bold, as provocative…as full bodied, intense, sensuous as can be.” The bottle coincide’s with Koons’ show at the Gagosian’s West 24th Street location in New York and will come accompanied by a miniature version of the fuchsia Venus of Willendorf sculpture. Speaking about the collab, Koons said: “I don’t do very many product associations…But you know Dom Pérignon is a fantastic brand, a wonderful Champagne. Champagne is used on many occasions for celebrating.”

Dom-Perignon-x-Jeff-Koons-Champagne-2 Dom-Perignon-x-Jeff-Koons-Champagne-1


Surprising Facts About Booze


Diet mixers get you more drunk.

According to study conducted in early 2013, spirits mixed with diet pop get you 18% drunker than spirits mixed with the ‘full fat’ varieties. The theory is that your body recognises full-sugar drinks as food, which slows down alcohol absorption, where as diet drinks don’t.


Wanting to get drunk is natural. Possibly.

The ‘drunken monkey hypothesis’ put forward by Dr. Robert Dudley of the University of California suggests that human attraction to ethanol (pure alcohol) may have a genetic basis. He argued that the primate ancestor of homo sapiens had a high dependence on fruit as a food source, and consequently developed a genetic attraction to ripe and overripe fruit, which contains ethanol.

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 Big lads aren’t necessarily the biggest drinkers.

A beer belly might mean you’ve consumed a lot in the past, but it doesn’t mean you can automatically handle more alcohol in one go than someone slimmer. In fact, a lean person will be less affected by booze because water-rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol effectively, preventing it from reaching the brain.


Cenosillicaphobia is a real phobia.

It means being scared of an empty glass.


 Tequila has a lot in common with champagne.

Both drinks have ‘Denomination of Origin’, meaning they can only be produced in one place (a certain region of Mexico and France, respectively). Also, like champagne, tequila is one of the most closely regulated drinks in the world, watched by the Mexican government, the Tequila Regulatory Council, and the National Chamber of Tequila Producers.


Booziest place in the world.

Is not Ireland, Russia, or any other country typically associated with a love for the sauce. Instead, that dubious honor goes to South Korea, who, according to a World Health Organization study, drinks more hard spirits than anywhere else — and is where Jinro soju comes from, the best-selling spirit on the planet.


Champagne is dangerous.

And not just because it makes you attempt the worm at wedding discos, either. Thanks to the approximately 49 million bubbles in each one, the pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds per square inch — three times the pressure in car tires — meaning a popped cork really could take your eye out.

Giant Champagne Cork Stool And Table

giant-champagne-cork-stooltable1-600x600 giant-champagne-cork-stooltable-3

Champagne cork stool was created by Stewart Rose who developed this fun and versatile side table. Made from the finest solid Portuguese cork, the table has a flat top and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The perfect place for a lamp, or drinks and nibbles at a party.The champagne cork stool is the equivalent to 1,300 regular Champagne corks in weight and 110 times bigger than a regular Champagne cork.

cork-stool-table-design giant-champagne-cork-stooltable-2

Zarb Bizarre Champagne Packaging


Zarb Champagne shouldn’t have a tough time catching your attention at your local wine boutique.  These wild and wondrous champagne bottles are styled in a truly bizarre manner, reflecting the identity of the Zarb brand itself.  In French, the word Zarb is slang for “bizarre”, a moniker well suited to this new line of champagne.  The bubbly within this bottle isn’t your run-of-the-mill sparkling white either.  It hails from the Champagne region of France, so it bears the title of Champagne with true authenticity.  This line of packaging might just be the most exotic that a Champagne producer would ever dare to market.

Zarb-Bizarre-Champagne-Packaging-1 Zarb-Bizarre-Champagne-Packaging-3 Zarb-Bizarre-Champagne-Packaging-2 Zarb-Bizarre-Champagne-Packaging-5

Joël Robuchon gets his own Japanese beer


Michelin-starred French chef titan Joël Robuchon has lent his name to a Japanese beer that is set to launch early next year. Robuchon has teamed up with Japanese brand Sapporo Breweries to develop Yebisu, a beer made with malt from the Champagne region of France that’s meant to pair well with French cuisine, according to Asahi Shinbum. The red can bears his name and will be served at his Tokyo restaurants, where red is likewise the dominant or accent color at L’Atelier and Rouge Bar. A can of Joël Robuchon beer is priced at 335 Japanese Yen, about €3. The beer is expected to launch February 20, 2013.

Absolut Tune Packaging Design

Absolut Tune is a sparkling fusion of Absolut vodka and crisp white wine. This champagne like bottle has a very Tord Boontje-esque double layered, flowery pattern to it. The caged cork glass bottle has two layers of plastic on it – one with a gold on blue, and the top layer with a matte/pearly white lined with gold that peels back ever so dramatically.

Bodyguard Champagne.

Champagne Piper-Heidsieck has wrapped its new limited-edition Bodyguard in a “sexy red crocodile skin” for its launch this month in selected travel retail outlets.  The 75cl bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Brut can be described as having “springtime citrus aromas with notes of apples and pears”… I just think it tastes good, looks fly, and gets you drunk.  Piper-Heidsieck reveals that the the flavor of Bodyguard is reminiscent of the Pinot Noir grape from the “distinctive flavor” it’s known for.  The 75cl Champagne Brut, in a lipstick red faux crocodile skin sheath, is “a perfect example of how innovative and audacious this brand can be”, said Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail Marketing Director Matthew Hodges.  Distribution starts, initially exclusively, in travel retail worldwide, beginning with Aelia at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport stores. A domestic roll-out will follow in time, I’ll for sure grab a bottle or two.