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Pop Culture Bros Connecting with Other Bros

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Created by an artist known only as Paper Beats Scissors, this collection of  illustrations depicts the single moment when two different characters from pop culture meet and give each other an empathetic fist bump due to a similarly depressing trait that they both share. For instance, when the Dark Knight and Harry Potter meet for the first time, they fist bump the fact that they are both orphans. There are a huge amount of characters included within the series from film, television, video games, comic books, animation and technology.

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Check Out The Brand New Capain Planet.

With all the reboots, and remakes of old series that are cropping up all over media, you wouldn’t normally be surprised to find out about some sort of re-imagination of a series as classic as ‘Captain Planet’.  However, when you know that this new take on this old show is done by Funny Or Die, you should know what’s up.  The hillarious (and uncensored video) features Don Cheadle as good ol’ Cap. Planet.  Don wan’t looking as gangsta as usual, but once the skit began, I realized the look had nothing to do with it.  He’s as lethal as Captain Planet should have been in the first place.  Check the method below.