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The People vs. Cam’ron.


Noisey has linked up with the Dipset don himself, as Cam’ron answers YouTube comment on capes, rainbow colored fur and Dipset super fans.

Jim Jones feat. Lil Wayne & T.W.O. – 60 Rackz (Remix)

Jim Jones connects with Lil Wayne and T.W.O for the official video for the remix to ’60 Rackz’. While the audio featured a verse from Camron, he is nowhere to be found in the visual. Watch the video below.

Nicki Minaj ft. Rick Ross & Cam’Ron – I Am Your Leader.

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj’s “I Am Your Leader” is one of her most racy tracks to date and correspondingly the video for the song which also features Rick Ross and Cam’ron isn’t going to be on the Disney Channel any time soon.  The set for the video is a psychedelic, fluorescent-fueled house that looks pretty much exactly the way we’d imagine Minaj’s abode to look like and it sees her hanging in a pink living room before it segues into her pampering herself in a bubble bath as she spits her rhymes — all while dangling her sequined boots over the edge of the tub.

DJ Storm ft. Lil Wayne, Cam’ron, GOV, Lil Kim & Three 6 Mafia – ‘Hott Sauce’.

Click the pic to listen.

Weather many folks are familiar with “The Mix Up” or not, it remains one of my favorite collections of music ever. (And I SWEAR it’s not just because I made it). The “album” consists of just under a dozen tracks that are comprised of main stream rap lyrics blended with more classic/underground hip hop beats and sprinkled with tons of samples from popular culture. The premise and subject matter of each song is different and each song has it’s own particular flavor, but my favorite track to this day is “Hott Sauce”. I have a bit of a fascination/addiction to the little physical act described in the song, and listening to it makes me laugh every single time. With lyrics from Lil Wayne, GOV, Cam’ron, Three 6 Mafia and Lil Kim, “Hott Sauce” is not one to play in front of your parents, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it none the less.  Click the pic to listen.

AYO, My Man!

My boys and I have tons of inside jokes, and little sayings that make us all laugh. But one of the most hillarious things in recent memory is an old skit produced by Cam’ron named “Cousin Bang”. Its the story of two roomates flooded by tension when Cam let’s his “cousin” (or his ‘mama’s nephew’) stay in his home. His gun-toting kin then proceeds to take over, and control everything from the bathroom to the juice in the fridge with the use of a gun. The entire skit is just ridiculously funny and always has my crew laughing, so I figured I’d share. Check the method below.

Cam’Ron & Vado Are ‘Up In Here’

It seems Killa Cam and Vado have been banging out collaboration after collaboration recently, and there doesn’t look to be any sign of a slow down in the near future.  Click the pic below to listen to “Up In Here” by Cam’Ron ft. Vado.

Click the pic to listen.

Stop The Party (Remix)

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The T.I. verse from the remix leaked a few days ago, but Busta Rhymes has recruied an all-star lineup for the hit single “Stop The Party” boasting appearances from Cam, Ghost and DMX. Click the pic to take a listen.