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Sabina Marie On Soundcloud.


Since the release of her first international single ‘One Night’, miss Sabina Marie has been on quite a roll.  The German singer has been racking up numerous collaborations with artists from Mexico to as far as Africa, and shows no signs of stopping.  Her most recent release is a track titled ‘My Love’, produced by ID Beatz, has already gotten radio play in Australia, and hasn’t even hit the streaming/download market yet.  Check it out below.

And for some more of the work she’s been doing, make sure to keep up with her on Soundcloud.


C.I. Bang ft. Karasi & Sideshow – Winning.

Click the pic to listen.

C.I. Bang is back at it again along with Karasi and Bay Area producer Sideshow.  The new single off the mixtape “The Process”, features production and a chorus by Sideshow, along with samples quoted from the infamous Charlie Sheen.  Both Bang and Karasi demonstrate incredible lyrical talent, and it all comes together on a track that is the first of many bangers on C.I.’s dedication mixtape.  Click the pic to download.

C.I. Bang – TeamBackPack Audition.


Click the pic to watch the video.

Team Backpack has been doing their thing for quite some time, Their cyphers have been the center of up-and-coming emcees attention for a minute in the Bay Area.  But for whatever reason, since Duckworth hit the Team Backpack scene, my email inbox has been over run with emails about how artists can get on the Team Backpack site.  I personally am not a member of the team, but I do know that there is an audition process online that you can find out about from their site, and emcees must record an audition tape and post it up online to get recognition before they’re considered for the monthly cypher.  I’ve taken a look at all of the auditions posted up to date, and I have to say that only 2 or 3 out of 30 struck me as hype-worthy.  The best of these comes from the artist C.I. Bang, the flow is a welcome departure from the repetitious babble of other posters, and stands out (to me) as a valid entry into the Team Backpack rotation.  Check out the audition tape by clicking on the picture above, and you’ll know you’d want to see C.I. do his thing in the Team Backpack mix this month.

C.I. Bang – “So Appalled” (Official Video)

It’s no secret C.I. Bang is moving steadily toward releasing “The Process” (hosted by yours truley), so when folks heard he was shooting a video for the track ‘So Appalled’ they felt it was about time. The video is directed by G-Mo and distributed by INF Gang Media. Check the method below.

‘The Hottest In The Hood’

Click here to download.

The buzz surrounding C.I. Bang’s most recent project has growing by leaps and bounds as every day passes. His mixtape “The Process” is nearing completion, and while void of a final release date, I was able to grab a few samples to spread to his fans online. Click the pic above to download C.I. Bang’s “Hottest In The Hood”

Thank You To My Supporters.

I know not all my fans are as eager to show their love for my work as the chick who emailed me this picture, but I still want to take the time to thank everyone who’s made the success of this blog possible so far.  I’ve never felt like, on the journey that is my career, that I’ve gotten to where I am alone, and this blog is a reflection of that.  I wanna give a huge thank you to all the promotional companies that shoot me info about their events, especially my people at Above Ground, Set4Life, F.A.2.E., and Pete’s Tavern.  I have to shout all the lovely models like Brit Bliss, Csilla Ray, Tammy Torres, and Jenna Luv who’s pictures bring hundreds of guys to the blog,  And I can’t forget artists like Rob Scott, C.I. Bang, Cassfly, G.O.V., and Tokyo 24 who use this blog as an avenue to put out their newest tracks, or the photographers and illustrators like Lauren Johnson, Brittany Jeffers, Michael Tudor, or Rodney Young who’s work always becomes the centerpiece whenever its up.  All of the random stories and subjects that go up are found be either myself or my assistant, and are painstakingly filtered through every single day.  (literally).  I’m glad all the work is paying off, so my final thank you has to go to all the viewers, the hundreds of subscribers, and all the people who put up with my posting stories on their Facebook pages all day long.  Thanks so much.

More to come…