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Thank You To My Supporters.

I know not all my fans are as eager to show their love for my work as the chick who emailed me this picture, but I still want to take the time to thank everyone who’s made the success of this blog possible so far.  I’ve never felt like, on the journey that is my career, that I’ve gotten to where I am alone, and this blog is a reflection of that.  I wanna give a huge thank you to all the promotional companies that shoot me info about their events, especially my people at Above Ground, Set4Life, F.A.2.E., and Pete’s Tavern.  I have to shout all the lovely models like Brit Bliss, Csilla Ray, Tammy Torres, and Jenna Luv who’s pictures bring hundreds of guys to the blog,  And I can’t forget artists like Rob Scott, C.I. Bang, Cassfly, G.O.V., and Tokyo 24 who use this blog as an avenue to put out their newest tracks, or the photographers and illustrators like Lauren Johnson, Brittany Jeffers, Michael Tudor, or Rodney Young who’s work always becomes the centerpiece whenever its up.  All of the random stories and subjects that go up are found be either myself or my assistant, and are painstakingly filtered through every single day.  (literally).  I’m glad all the work is paying off, so my final thank you has to go to all the viewers, the hundreds of subscribers, and all the people who put up with my posting stories on their Facebook pages all day long.  Thanks so much.

More to come…

Brit Bliss

Brit Bliss is an aspiring model born in southern California who grew up in souteastern Ohio. While the beginning and the vast majority of her modeling was spent as a hobby, a career was her desire after leaving the United States Air Force Academy. She began shooting again. When her 19th birthday rolled around in March, she submitted photos to Maxim’s photoblog requesting a post about her. Maxim’s Kelly Stuart accepted, and a post was done on March 22nd. Brit gathered comments from family, friends, and admirers of her work. It was enough to convince Maxim to shoot with her, which came in the summer of ’07. Since her trip to New York for Maxim, Brit has been published in the magazine a number of times since September of 2007. She has also been a girl of the day mutiple times. Her determination will only let her continue to become the most that she can be, and she hopes that she can continue to prosper.