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Patagonia And New Belgium Brewing California Route Lager


To help celebrate its 40th anniversary, Patagonia has teamed up with New Belgium Brewing Company to produce a limited edition lager it can call its own. The California Route Lager is an organic lager brewed with a heady blend of Hallertau and Cascade hops blended with organic Munich malt. The California Route Lager will only be available once, and will be released in select markets in the U.S. including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Boulder, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Cardiff and Ventura.

Rick Ross in Boston & P.A.

The ‘I Am Still Music’ tour has been a massive hit all over the country, and Rick Ross has been keeping a video blog of all his memorable locations since the beginning.  I found this particular “episode” a tad fascinating because there are a few segments of Rosay walking around Best Buy, and meeting up with Bam Margera.  (Random, but true.)  And I was very impressed with the fact that Ross was both well aware of the death of Ryan Dunn, and more than willing to help out with a charity being set up in his memory.  Check the method below.

Wiz Khalifa Causes A Massive Riot In Boston

This past Saturday (August 8), Wiz Khalifa headlined at this year’s Boston Urban Music Festival. The annual free show, a collaboration between the mayor’s office and HUB media, also featured local hip-hop act M-Dot, as well as Harvard graduate singer/rapper Ryan Leslie. However, with chants of “We Want Wiz!” growing throughout the afternoon, it became increasingly apparent that this was an audience of Taylor Gang supporters, ready to see their rising star take the stage.  When Khalifa finally did come out, performing his verse off Rick Ross’s “Super High Remix,” the stage was rushed with diehard fans almost immediately, sending the Pittsburgh, PA MC running off stage and temporarily stopping the show.

“Because [of] the energy and the feeling from the crowd, it hit us like a ton of bricks,” Shadyville radio personality, DJ Peter Parker, who was on stage with Wiz, told ”You can even see Wiz starts to panic. Nobody knew what to do.”

“I just wanted them to relax, because [Boston Mayor Thomas] Menino was telling me, ‘We’re gonna shut this down, we’re gonna shut this down,’” he continued.

Luckily for all involved, the show went on. The 2010 XXL Freshman returned shortly after, joking with the crowd about the incident and downplaying the situation. “Don’t worry about that stuff earlier guys, I know how shit just gets crazy sometimes.” He then launched into several hits off his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape including, “Waken Baken,” “Mezmorized,” “Never Been” and “In the Cut.” Khalifa then performed another fan favorite, “Ink My Whole Body,” after removing his tank top—much to the delight of the many female fans in attendance. After an eventful start and impressive set, Wiz winded down the concert with his single “This Plane,” off his 2009 album Deal or No Deal.

Weeks removed from his freshly signed deal with Atlantic Records, Wiz has fans eagerly awaiting what will be the next step for the 22-year-old star as his stock continues to rise. Boston fans looking for a more intimate Wiz performance can buy tickets for his November 21 show at the Paradise Rock Club starting next week.—Neil Martinez-Belkin  (Courtesy of XXL Magazine)

Welcome To ‘The Town’.

As much as I enjoy living in the Bay, and many of my closest friends live in, or are from Oakland, CA… This is NOT about “the town”.  This town, is a movie featuring Ben Affleck, about a group of Boston bank robbers that make John Dillenger from ‘Public Enemies’ look like the squishy red thing from “Yo Gabba Gabba”.  Click the pic below to check out the bad-ass trailer, courtesy of

Click the pic to watch the trailer