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Lotus C-01 Superbike

Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01

The British car maker is sourcing Kodewa for the build (the same people that built the Lotus Le Mans car), and have teamed up with German concept designer Daniel Simon (the same man behind Tron: Legacy) for that beautiful carbon fiber and titanium constructed body. As expected, the bike will be extremely limited (100 units in total), and there will be customization options for clients. The bike is said to be equipped with a four-stroke 1195cc V-twin engine cranking out 200 horsepower, all in a motorcycle with a curb weight just under 400 pounds.

Lotus Motorcyles C-01

Steam-O Bicycle by János Insperger


Steam-O by János Insperger is a modern cruiser that takes inspiration from the iconic steam locomotives of the past, applying the signature aerodynamic shape to its stark frame. In classic 1930s style, the bike sports a leather seat with spring suspension, an oversized headlight with chrome and bronze polish, and choo-choo style rims. The main feature, however, is a pushrod drivetrain like that of locomotives from the time. This unique power system and distinct attention to detail set it apart from other cruisers new and old. Pedaling torque is transmitted by bearing on shaft and coupling rods. Coupling rods move in a vertical motion as well as horizontally as the crank-arm rotates. The same shaft at the rear wheel receives the torque ration 1:1. To gain a useful travel speed it needs a small gearbox (about 1:6 ratio depending on the crank arm length and rear wheel size).

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Futuristic Bike “The Detonator”.

The Cosmic Motors Detonator is an unique concept created by German automotive futurist Daniel Simon for his futuristic vehicle design company, “Cosmic Motors”. Simon calls this futuristic bike a “street cruiser bike built for humanoid droids.” Simon obtained his degree in vehicle design in 2001 at the University of Applied Science in Pforzheim, Germany. After completion, Simon went to Barcelona and designed concept cars for Bugatti and Lamborghini, followed by five years at the VW Group’s Advanced Studio where he is currently designing virtual vehicles for his brand Cosmic Motors. He has published a book, “Comic Motors” and continues to offer his services to premium carmakers while designing his own concepts.

The Turntable Riders.

You know the situation.  You want to go for a ride on your bike and mix some music at the same time.  Normally you’d have to settle on just doing one or the other.  Not anymore.  My homegirl’s jaw literally hit the floor watching this.  And even I don’t even know what to say. I mean, that is simply way too dope. I can totally envision crazy competitions that involve using your skills at both biking and mixing… and I really like what I see.  The technology in question is called a Turntable Ride by Cogoo.

Top 10 Designer Two Wheelers.

Bicycles are going couture and they are selling fast! Fashion designers like bikes because, unlike cars, they are easy and inexpensive to customize in ways that produce dramatic visual results, becoming “moving billboards” for their work.  Here are the top ten bikes for eco-conscious style lovers, selected by the design scouts of

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Republic Bike for a personalized experience in bike design. More than 100,000 color combinations are available for the five styles including the Aristotle singlespeed and Plato Dutch. The 3D Bike Shop™ allows you to visualize your design in 3D. Retail price: from $399.


The two-wheelers, which cost $399, got a jumpstart from a covetous celebrity tweet by actress Jessica Alba. One version, with a distinct copper-color pattern, sold out the first day and has resold for as much as $1,279.95 on eBay.

Kate Spade

Collaboration with Tribeca bicycle boutique Adeline Adeline / Limited-edition and hand-crafted in Italy by Abici, this Kate Spade New York bike comes with a grass-green frame and a Brooks leather saddle. Retail price: $1,100, available in New York only.

Ralph Lauren

Collaboration with England´s longest-established bicycle manufacturer Pashley Cycles / Custom-designed and hand-built, these limited-edition bicycles commemorate the Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run. Retail price: $ 2,200.


This bike comes complete with removable fur saddlebags.  Nuff said.


Chanel’s version is an eight-speed ergonomic bike. It is part of the luxury brand’s spring/summer 2008 collection and is an ode to Coco Chanel, who had a strong passion for sports.


Hermès’scollaboration with Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus. / This luxe bike features meticulously stitched leather accents on the saddle, handle bar grips and on the inner tubes of the frame.


This limited-edition bike by Gucci was part of the Beijing Olympic release; it is a Dutch-style bike and was available in Beijing and Hong Kong only. / Price: $3,420.


The bike is equipped with camouflage luggage and a matching seat. All metal applications are in gold. Retail price: €1900.

Chrome Hearts x Cervelo

American luxury brand Chrome Hearts’s collaboration with bike manufacturer Cervelo. This limited-edition bike has been decked out with custom Chrome Hearts graphics, leather, precious metals and rhinestones. Retail price: $60,000.

The Galaxy Tab Bicycle.

UK-based bicycle manufacturer, 14 Bike Co., collaborated with Samsung to create a top-range bike with a holder designed to accommodate the Galaxy Tab.  The detachable Tab holder positioned in the triangular frame is made from quality Carbon fibre featuring the same Carbon specification used on F1 cars.  Accessible from the side, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder allows for the device to be used easily whilst on the move.  Applications such as dashboards tracking mileage, route planners and repair instructions for punctures, can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace to enhance everyday cycling routes or more adventurous trips.

The Shelby 2-Wheel Cruiser?

Fans of automotive legend Carroll Shelby have traditionally lusted after masterpieces such as the Shelby Cobra and Mustang, but now they can get their fix from an entirely different beast — with two wheels.  This week saw a partnership of a new kind with competition bike manufacturer Felt Bicycles, to develop a cruiser which pays homage to the iconic Shelby image.  Finished in the legendary Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue paint scheme of some of Shelby’s most iconic vehicles (including the GT350).  It is based on Felt’s hydro-formed aluminium tank frame, which is fitted with three-speed internal gears and linkage-designed springer forks which Felt says provide “fast and precise handling.”  The 36-spoke wheels, meanwhile, feature “blue dot” tires, another nod to Shelby’s auto racing history.  The two-wheeler will be produced as a limited edition model from the end of this month. The Shelby bike will be available worldwide for $999.