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He Might As Well Have Said “Oh Canada”.

Drake the type of guy to threaten legal action against Degrassi because he thought his character’s wheelchair made him “look soft” and then also, many, many years later, say “Geez Louise!” after being fouled during a friendly game of pickup at his opulent mansion. The Toronto-based superstar remains everyone’s favourite rapper to playfully dunk on (literally as well as figuratively, it seems) as the ancient “Drake the Type” meme continues to re-emerge and gain steam online among a new generation of internet users. But don’t get it twisted; Drizzy isn’t the butt of any jokes about his own corniness, because he owns and often even perpetuates the “soft” image his fans have long swooned over. In other words, he’s in on the joke, as clearly evidenced by new video footage from Toronto basketball YouTuber and viral sensation K Showtime.

Drake’s Interview With Vevo.

In the world I occupy, there seems to be much speculation behind Drake’s intentions when recording his sophomore album Take Care.  Some say he’s lost his edge, other think he’s being experimental with his art, and there are the few who just think Drizzy has lost the plot.  I personally don’t have a dog in that fight.  I just appreciate good music no matter what the message was intended to be, but for those of you who might have been wondering the same thing, check out Drake’s interview with Vevo.

Cell Footage Of Drake’s 25th Birthday.

Everyone has a specific plan for their birthday, some people party, some people take it easy, and the great entertainers of the world do things like take over Tao in Las Vegas.  I got a hold of some cell phone footage from the big event, it seemed like quite the night.