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Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl


Asher Roth lets the production breathe on his four and a half minute long orange-themed track “Tangerine Girl,” produced by Blended Babies. The “I Love College” emcee, perhaps still best known for that campus anthem track, often creates smooth music that makes you want to sit on a beach somewhere and admire the scenery. The lush beat is covered with a masked sample of a woman’s vocals, evoking thoughts of lemon, tangerine and a cold beer on a hot summer’s day. Roth’s second studio LP, Retro Hash, is scheduled to be here midway through this year, although we have yet to hear much about the project. We do know that it will feature more production from Blended Babies, who have also produced for Kid Cudi and Chance the Rapper among others.

Asher Roth – Numbers

Asher-Roth-2-570Something new from Asher Roth “Numbers”. A freestyle over Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Boards” instrumental.

YMCMB’s 2013 Grammy Party


You know how it goes for these YMCMB cats during Grammy time: Big lights with bigger stars.


Asher Roth – Good Morning View.

With the first day of summer officially here, Asher Roth took it upon himself to keep the good vibes going, dropping this new David Appleton-produced joint titled ‘Good Morning View’. Is This Too Orange coming soon.

Asher Roth – Outside.

Asher Roth drops this new track today via Tumblr titled ‘Outside’ for this Sunday. His album This Is Too Orange is on the way. In the meantime, check out ‘Outside’ below.

Asher Roth feat. Meek Mill – Party Girl.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Roth since before the release of ‘I Love College’, but you can’t always predict what any emcee will decide to do musically.  A collaboration between Meek Mill and Asher Roth seems a bit off the scale of possibility, but then again, stranger things have happened.  Click below to take a listen to ‘Party Girl’ from Asher Roth ft. Meek Mill.

Asher Roth – Dope Sh*t (Official Video).

Asher Roth may have released his mixtape ‘Pabst & Jazz’ a little while ago, but the single “Dope Sh*t” just got own video recently.  The song talks about the difference between what the radio typically plays versus the music that some entertainers would prefer to have out there.  With a great hook and a subtle but well produced beat, the video for “Dope Sh*t is simply that… dope sh*t.  Check the method below.

Pac Div ft. Asher Roth – Useless.

Click the pic to listen.

The first time I remember seeing Pac Div was on the ‘Great Hangover’ Tour with Asher Roth, and the entire show they put on was praiseworthy.  So seeing Asher and the Pac on the same track doesn’t come as a surprise, what may surprise some is why they haven’t done this a million times before.  Click either of the pics to take a listen to the lyrical banger ‘Useless’.

Click the pic to listen.

Asher Roth ft. Akon – Last Man Standing.

It’s always fun to see a music video for a song you’ve liked for quite some time, just like its fun to see an artist who’s work you’ve appreciated for quite some time coming around and putting a unique spin on a classic idea.  Asher Roth is back with the video for ‘Last Man Standing’ which is formatted like flipping though a comic book, but done unlike many of the other pseudo-cliche videos of its kind.  Check the video out below.

Asher Roth – Gazpacho

Click the pic to listen. (Courtesy of HHG)

I’ve had a solid appreciation for Asher Roth’s music since long before ‘I Love College’, and after his first album, Asleep In The Bread Isle, he seemed to have slowed down a little.  I was relieved when news of his second studio album “The Spaghetti Tree” started bubbling up, and even more excited to hear Asher flex some lyrical muscles on the freestyle ‘Gazpacho’.  Click the pic to take a listen.

Asher Roth – Gotta Get Up.

I’ve been a big fan of Asher Roth since “I Love College” back in the day, and I’ve kept up with his career moves ever since.  The song “Gotta Get Up” was always one I thought would do well with a full video behind it, but I never expected anything as dope as this.  Asher teamed up with Luke Tedaldi to create the visually stunning “Gotta Get Up” video.  The video was shot HDR, and isn’t a digital video spliced together, instead it’s 55,000 still frames (pictures) one after another, brilliantly edited that gives “Gotta Get Up” its incredible visual edge.  Check the method.

All City Chess Club – I’m Beamin (Remix)


Click the pic to download.


The All City Chess Club, which Lupe describes as being more of a movement than a group, consists of himself, Asher Roth, B.o.B, The Cool Kids, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Wale, Diggy, J. Cole, and Pharrell.  “It’s kinda this new vanguard,” Lupe says. “The kids who wouldn’t necessarily be the basketball team they would probably be the Chess Club if we was in high school. And I was like ‘Yo, we all from different cities. We the All City Chess Club.’”  Lupe went on to explain the dynamics of the All City Chess Club and its members.  “I just wanted it to be the collective of those dudes and put a name on it,” said Lupe. “Like they already kinda put us all in the same box. They kinda put us in the same family of MC’s whether it be the hipster rappers or the nerd rappers…Since they putting us in a box, might as well own the box. And write our name on the box and paint it the color we want it.”

The first single from the entire conglomerate is Lupe’s remix to I’m Beamin.  Click the pic to download.

DJ Storm Presents: Jadakiss, Ludacris, & Eminem ft. Asher Roth, Queen, & The Cool Kids – Ridaz


Click here to download

Many people in the Tri-State area are familiar with the collection I released in 09′ titled “The Mix Up”.  It was basically an attempt to merge old-school/underground beats with mainstream lyrics.  Mashing up artists that have never worked together, and changing the context of verses to create new meanings was my main challenge throughout the entire process.  One of my close friends recently heard the track “Ridaz” and has since threatened not to leave my condo until I put it on my blog.  lol.  So here for the (re)consideration of the fans is the song.  You can click here to hear the entire “Mix Up” collection, but click the picture above to download “Ridaz”.  And don’t forget, ‘Being a gangsta is like riding a bike, because once you learn, you never forget.

Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry

The home boy Asher Roth came to San Francisco recently, for a ‘secret concert’ with N.E.R.D. (which of course I was in attendance for… Shout out to KIN/Microsoft).  The concert was amazing, and to say thanks, I wanted to promote Asher’s new mixtape “Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry”.  There is also a new music video for the first track off the mixtape called “Muddy Swim Trunks”  Click the pic to watch the video.

Watch the video.

The mixtape is pumped by DJ Wreckineyez, and features Talib Kweli, and Blu, with a crazy range of production.  Click the first pic to download the mixtape.  The second pic is the tracklist, click to see the whats “on the plate”.

Click here to download the mixtape

Track List

Return Of The Roth

Asher Roth reminds us that he’s still in the the biz with a new track produced by Will.I.Am. titled “Hot Wangs”  click the pic to download.

Download "Hot Wangs"