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The Akai Renaissance MPC Is No Joke.

While the majority of technology execs are packing their cases for Vegas, for some it’s all about Anaheim. Akai is clearly ramping up its NAMM campaign, outing the latest in its legendary MPC series: the Renaissance. While the new boy is no dumb controller — it packs a full audio interface, USB hub and lots of I/O — for the first time the MPC gets dedicated external software. Sound familiar?  Well yes, it’s no doubt a direct response to the popular Maschine hardware / software combo from Native Instruments, but Akai isn’t just playing catch-up here. The new hardware includes a “vintage” mode that recreates some of that legendary MPC3000/60 crunch, and the standalone software comes with a massive sound library, instant VST mapping (so you can work with all your third-party synths) as well as the option to run in VST / AU / RTAS mode itself. If you’re worried about the possible implications of a “tethered” MPC, take a peek at the promo video over the jump, which should soon allay your fears.

The Araab Muzik Show.

Weather it’s live, on video, or in any other medium, someone playing the MPC live is always amazing to me, the same way it is for anyone to watch any artist produce live music.  The M.V.P. of the MPC, Mr. Araab Muzik, is a world class musician that has transcended the label of a simple “beat maker”.  Luckily for his fans, he’s on tour, all over the U.S. and has recently put out a docu-video proving his dopeness to those who remain unfamiliar.  But if you’re already up on your Araab music, keep looking at the top of the screen for the tour dates streaming by.