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‘Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse’.

With all the DC news popping off recently, us comic book fans can’t can’t ever deny that Marvel always seems to have one in the chamber.  While the constant speculation over “No Way Home” has been at a fever pitch since the first look at the first bits of the first trailer LEAKED on someone’s cell phone… (yes, people have been throwing theories like frisbees since then.) we now have something different look forward to.  One of the best reviewed Spiderman films since 2006’s ‘Spiderman 2’, “Into The Spiderverse” put us in an entirely different pair of shoes when it came to the much loved protagonist.  Instead of following Peter Parker, “Into The Spiderverse” features the newer Miles Morales version of Spiderman (among a few others).  While Morales was hinted at in ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’, he was in full force in his own film, which not has an official release window, and titles.  No one knew that the next Spiderman news to rock the internet would have NOTHING to do with the 2023 sequel “Across The Spiderverse” but we’re happy that it is. For those of you were are oblivious to the WONDER that was “Into The Spiderverse”, take a look at what ‘WIRED’ dug up on how the original was created.

The Two Most… “Interesting” Videos On The Internet This Week.

I had an interesting time this week combing through articles, photos, and videos on the internet, and two specific things, not only caught my eye, but will cease to leave my mind.  The first of which is the new Samsung Galaxy S7 commercial featuring Weezy himself.  Lil Wayne has said that his debut role in’s Super Bowl ad was “dope” and the “illest idea ever.”  He loved it so much that he’s now taken a new role in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 ad campaign. The rapper said he plans to do more acting in commercials in the future.  Adweek asked Lil Wayne if he’d like to be in more ads and he responded: “Hell yeah, I do … it was kind of different to have to actually follow the rules, and that was cool. Being on the set and knocking it out, it was fun.” The commercial itself is hilarious, and quite “different”.  Check the method below.



The second internet clip that is now seared into my memory, is the Pixar spoof from writers/producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  “Sausage Party” may look like it’s headed for an NC-17 rating, but the creators assured advanced audiences at SXSW that it has already been awarded an R rating by the MPAA. It is directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. And it is definitely not for children, so keep them far, far away.  Seth Rogen headlines this adventure as a hotdog just looking to get laid inside a delicious bun. But he soon discovers his destiny lies upon a different path. The film features the vocal talents of a who’s who of today’s comedy stars. The ensemble also includes Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek.  Check the trailer below.

Pool Party

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Pools are not exactly the most projection ready surface, and initial brainstorms produced many more challenges than this team had anticipated. In researching a solution, they had to overcome the fact that projection doesn’t work on the surface of water, it becomes distorted if you project through it, and pool parties are notorious for more standing than swimming. Most people reacted as any any normal person would, and promptly put in and order for 65,000 ping pong balls, enough to cover the entire surface of the pool. To go with their new screen, they created an application which mapped to the pool and displayed a floating river of graphics, pulled by an invisible tide. Audio reactive visuals bumped along with the various dj’s and musical acts taking place poolside. The tactile quality of swimming through ping pong balls, combined with animated colors and light created an interactive event worth telling stories about.

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Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

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Check out these beautiful and life-like animated images from Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, you will surely like these cinemagraphs.

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The Artwork Of Jason Nayor.

Jason was born in Salt Lake City Utah.  He spent his youth doodling on his homework and drawing on his hands and arms in school.  Jason’s work employs both illustration and typography, always relying on the creativity of the subconscious to take the wheel, which he believes is the root of all creations.  Recently Jason’s creations have been dedicated to mac cosmetics under the creative direction of James Gager and Toni Lakis.  They’ve ten seen in V Magazine, Pop, Wonderland, and ‘Paper And Paris Vouge’.  His work can also been seen in various books including Design & Design: Book Of The Year (Vol. 4) and Viction: Ary’s Logology2.  Click on any of the pictures to see their full animations.

Check Out The Brand New Capain Planet.

With all the reboots, and remakes of old series that are cropping up all over media, you wouldn’t normally be surprised to find out about some sort of re-imagination of a series as classic as ‘Captain Planet’.  However, when you know that this new take on this old show is done by Funny Or Die, you should know what’s up.  The hillarious (and uncensored video) features Don Cheadle as good ol’ Cap. Planet.  Don wan’t looking as gangsta as usual, but once the skit began, I realized the look had nothing to do with it.  He’s as lethal as Captain Planet should have been in the first place.  Check the method below.

The New Ghostbusters.

There are some truly great graphic artists out there online who turn in work that rivals those of the professionals who get paid the big bucks. Evidence such another great talent has just manifested itself over at SlashFilm in the form of some great computer animated character designs for one of my favorite films of all-time: Ghostsbusters. The man behind the work in question is Fabrizio Fioretti who merely worked on these designs in his free time on evenings and weekends. The collection reminds me so much of the ‘TMNT‘ version of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.  These are truly breathtaking and make our proton-packing heroes look like they just came straight out of Pixar Animation Studios. Here are Fabrizio Fioretti’s computer animated Ghostbusters characters.

The Adventures of TinTin.

So before I start on about the trailer of the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson team up, I feel like I should address those readers a bit less knowledgeable on Tintin.  Tintin is a young Belgian reporter who becomes involved in dangerous cases in which he takes heroic action to save the day. Almost every adventure features Tintin hard at work in his investigative journalism, but he is seldom seen actually turning in a story without first getting caught up in some misadventure.  (He’s a steezy blend of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes.)  So when this new adaptation of the classic cartoon got a facelift, the best of the best of (mainstream) movie makers had to be called in.  The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn drops this winter, but check the first trailer below.

The Lady And The Reaper.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve stated before that I used to be a 3D animation major at the Academy of Art University before DJ’ing took off for me, (if you didn’t know, you know now) so I always try to check back in with the animation world whenever I can.  When I came across “The Lady And The Reaper” I had to post it.  The story is about an old lady is nearing the end of her days and she longs to be with the husband she has lost.  So, when death pays her a visit on night in the form of a rather comical Grim Reaper then she touches his extended hand without fear.  Only, she has not considered that a meddling doctor on our side of the great divide will decide that she must be resuscitated.  It’s quite hilarious, and the short film was even nominated for the Academy Award for best short animated film.