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Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg – Wiggle (Official Video).


Jason Derulo has been along waves in music much longer than people give him credit for. It’s only with the undoubtable success of his last 3 singles that he’s started to become a household name. Check out the official video for his next chart topper “Wiggle” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Mike Tompkins A Capella Dubstep.

Now this is not the first time we’ve seen an attempt at covering dubstep through the medium of a cappella. But, seriously, wow.  This truly impressive double cover of Skrillex’s remix of “Cinema” and Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” was performed by one Mike Tompkins, who uses nothing but his voice to create the unique rendition and who has earned a major triple-rainbow salute of excellence from The Feed.

Young Gunz vs. Wale & Big Sean.

Every so often, I get bored and decide to make a basic mashup, just to play in my car, or toy around with on my phone when I’m bored.  I don’t typically release generic “someone’s lyrics over someone else’s beat” tracks, but when a good friend of mine heard a random mix I finished about a month ago, he wouldn’t stop bugging me till I dropped it.  So for your listening pleasure, I’ve assembled a basic mashup of Young Gunz ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ and ‘Slight Work’ from Wale ft. Big Sean.  You can download it here, or just take a listen below.

Rihanna – You Da One (Official Video).

Over the course of my holiday trip to the east coast, I got a little time to check out some tracks from Rihanna’s latest album ‘Rated R’, and I was most impressed by ‘Cockiness’, ‘Birthday Cake’, and ‘You Da One’.  Lo-and-behold, as soon as I got back home from a little sight seeing, the first thing that popped into my email was a link to the official video for ‘You Da One’.  Take a look at the video below.

Top 5 Genre Crossing Remakes.

I know quite a few people that think of cover bands as groups who can’t produce their own material, and are forced to take the already successful material of others.  But in most cases, this is very far from the truth.  Even further away from the truth is the belief that hip hop songs can’t be properly re-conceived by anyone other than a hip hop artist.  I’ve got 5 videos that prove otherwise.


5. Anya Marina – Whatever You Like

Thanks to exposure from Gossip Girl (yeah son) this song flew into all of our hearts with Anya Marina’s exotic voice singing to pre-jail T.I. Sung from a female perspective, Marina seem completely in charge. it’s more pop than rock, but it’s still an amazing rendition.


4. The Fray – Heartless

Say what you will about Isaac Slade’s sing-song voice, but it does wonders to Kanye’s heavily auto-tuned break-up jam. The band’s cover is haunting and you can really feel the pain behind the lyrics the way they perform it.


3. Jenny Owen Youngs – Hot In Herre

Hearing a soft-spoken Jenny Owen Youngs sing “I was like, good gracious ass is bodacious / flirtaticious, tryin’ to show faces / lookin’ for the right time to shoot my steam” is the best way to open the most awesome rap cover ever. Throughout the song she sings with such seriousness about “poppin’ the bottles” that I had to listen to it twice to hear through my own laughter.


2. Framing Hanley – Lollipop

I know many readers may not know that a mashup of Lil Wayne’s track Lollipop that basically took me from an amateur with a buzz, to a up-and-coming professional.  That being said, I have a special appreciate for this song, and personal distaste for anyone who messes it up.  But when my good friend Adam Patton shot the Framing Hanley version my way, I was far more than impressed.  When you watch the video however, keep in mind that this version is like a little mini movie, with a plot and the whole nine yards, but the actual songs starts at about 2:20 into the video.


1. Ben Folds – B*tches Aint Shit

This song was the inspiration for this list. It’s everything a rap cover needs to be: make it original without changing lyrics. By far one the best and funniest covers I’ve ever heard… Hands down.

Joel Ortiz’s Battle Cry.

Slaughterhouse has been on my radar for quite some time, and since they joined Shady Records along with Yelawolf, I’ve for sure taken notice of all the cogs that make the Slaughterhouse machine move.  Crooked I, Joe Buddens (should out to Jersey, Royce Da 5 9, and Joel Ortiz are stupid-talented artists as a group, and still lethal on their own.  Check out Joel Ortiz’s “Battle Cry” acapella performance.  Check the method below.

The Game ft. Lil Wayne – Red Nation.


Click the pic to hear "Red Nation"

A collab between Lil Wayne and Game is as dope to me as a collab between Wayne and Eminem, and although this isn’t the first, I personally feel like this is one of the best.  Wayne and Game’s single “My Life” was a dope single, and got a very good positive response from the listening public, but the track “Red Nation” is a whole different animal.  The beat, is a re-imagining of an old school classic (just like tons of other rap songs these days) but they lyrical delivery by both Game and Wayne is attention grabbing to say the least.  There’s a certain ferocity and angst that they both have in representing their set that makes the track pop, and they both manage to do it without dissing Crips, which I found interesting.  But click the pic above to take a listen to “Red Nation” and hear it for yourself.