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Elisha Jade.

While I was scanning my emails I came across an ad for a calendar, and one of the models that stood out the most was April… Miss Elisha Jade.  Elisha is from the U.K., She is an established glamor, commercial model and TV presenter for a well known sky channel that broadcasts from England, Ireland, Scotland and parts of Europe Elisha Jade is mixed with Puerto Rican, Black and Italian decent.  5’7″, 34F-26-40 Elisha also shows she’s quite the business women while maintaining a warm and down to earth personality with that sweet English charm.  Elisha has been modelling for 4 years and is now looking to branch out and promote herself as a brand in more American publications.  She also has her own swimwear collection that launched in 2010.  Check out some of her other photos below from a shoot with Frank D.

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Jessica Burciaga.

I’ve written an abundance of posts in testament to the beauty and intrigue of different models over the years, and every so often, finding biographical information can be hard to come by.  Luckily, in the case of the immensely beautiful Jessica Burciaga, she did all the work for me.  Below is her total auto self composed biography.  Enjoy.

I was born Jessica Irene Burciaga on April 11th 1983. I was 7 pounds 8 ounces. I was born and raised in southern california. I have two younger brothers (Blake & Duke) that mean the world to me and would do anything and everything for them. I’m very big on family and extremely close to them. My brothers are my best friends. My grandma….where do I start I could talk to her all day and night and i never want to leave her house, she’s always there for me, weather it’s boyfriend problems, advice on life or just girl talk, she also makes the best mexican food and salsa! I love her so much. My dad (Ty) has the biggest heart of anyone I know, I love him so much and my step-dad (Mike) has always been there for me and treated me like his own and gave me everything growing up. My mom’s name is Lisa and she’s one of the coolest people i know if you want it straight and to the point ask my mom a question…ha! it might not be what you want to here but she wont sugar coat anything. I think I get most of my personality from my mom. She loves me unconditionally and always wants to protect me from everything. I can’t tell you how many times my mom came down to the school to yell at all the girls that tried to beat me up after class or that were just jealous girls that hated me for no reason. She almost fought this Senior girl in high school cause my mom said that girl was 18 so she was an adult now :) That girl never looked at me again! When it comes to her daughter everyone better watch out cause she don’t fuck around! haha! Were more alike than i’d like to admit. I’m a very blunt person and will never put up a front… I always say what’s on my mind and yell when i want, cry when i’m hurt, laugh when i’m happy and dance around the house daily!

I’m not hard to please at all the simple things in life make me happy and i’m far from materialistic and love to shop at Swap Meets more than the mall. All I need to make me happy is a barbecue at my aunt and uncles house, carne asada on the grill, a corona in my hand, hearing my little cousins running around the house,watching the Laker game, my aunt making martinis, all the girls talking in the kitchen and my brother and cousins playing drums and making music in the garage…and all this at once. It’s the best and I love it!

At night I enjoy a glass of wine and a bubble bath and I have to take one every night before I go to sleep. I love to sleep and hate to wake up before noon and rather order in take-out than go to a restaurant

Lets see…as long as I can remember I’ve always been a little trouble maker in school and a bit boy crazy! Even in kindergarten I remember the boys running away from me when i would chase them around the sand box…ha! (they’re not running anymore!) I was always an outgoing girl in school and far from shy. Very talkative and funny. My letters from the teachers in elementary school use to go something like this….”Jessica is a pleasure to have in class, she brightens our day and always has her homework on time but she talks to her classmates way too much, she’s boy crazy and disrupts the class reading time”

In high school I got sent to the principals office daily for violating the stupid dress code! haha! i think they made up a new dress code policy just for me! Everything from showing too much cleavage and (distracting the boys as they put it) to my ripped jeans below my butt cheeks, skirts too short and tops that showed too much tummy… I had my belly pierced in high school and I wanted to show it, they couldn’t stop me :)

Something about me though that has never changed and will never change is two things…. My desire to be in front of the camera and putting my family first in everything that I do in my life. Their opinions and thoughts mean everything to me. I would never do anything my family was against. They’ve always backed me up in my life and have been very supportive.

Since the 6th grade I knew i wanted to do something in the lime light. One day before school in the 6th grade a show called “Good Day LA” came on! When I first saw Jillian Barbarie I thought to myself “that’s what i want to do!” So after high school I tried getting into modeling first or tv but nothing really big happened for me … a couple extra parts in “buffy the vampire slayer” and “Charmed” and music video stuff that I promised myself I would never do again. That was the worst! But we have to start somewhere i guess…My dream was to be in MAXIM or Stuff or FHM not some cheesy music video. I wanted people to know my face not see me in the background somewhere.

So anyway I enrolled in jr. college and got a job at Hooters in Anaheim CA. I also attended a sports broadcasting school in Huntington Beach CA. I met a photographer that wanted to shoot me for like a year but it was hard for me to trust anyone, but he took some friends pictures from Hooters and all their pics were pretty good so a year later i decided i would let him shoot me. I was so nervous because for one I was taking pictures at the beach with a photographer I didn’t know, I never modeled in my life, nor was I comfortable in a little bikini and i didn’t think i knew how to pose and I was 20 years old. The photographer got upset with me cause i didn’t want to wear a thong and do real sexy poses so he mailed me the cd with my pics on it and said he never wanted to shoot me again and that i wasted is time and film, I felt horrible. The cd collected dust on my dresser for 7 months until my brother told me about this article in STUFF MAGAZINE. It said “If you think you have what it takes to be a Stuff Model send your pics here.


My brother said they would definitely call me back and helped me pick out a couple pics form the cd the photographer mailed me. I never dreamed they would call but sure enough a month later they did. I’ll never forget that day. I was at this park that I have been going to since i was a little girl laying on the grass reading a book, just thinking how much I wanted to get into modeling. It was so weird that I was just thinking about it and all of a sudden my phone rang with a New York number. When I answered they said “Hi Jessica we really love your look and would love to fly you out to New York for a photoshoot next thursday, are you free?” I called my mom and my grandma and we all started screaming! we were so excited That next week I was on a flight to New York and scared cause I never stepped foot on a plane and hated the thought of flying. But when i got there it was awesome, they treated me like a princess, a limo to pick me up, the best hotel in Manhattan and the driver took me anywhere i wanted to go. I got a whole page in Stuff in the August 2005 issue. When I picked up the magazine i couldn’t believe it one of my dreams came true! After that, Stuff Magazine called me back and wanted to enter me into this contest for their Neighborhood Knockout section, I would win $5,000 a second spread in the magazine and EA sports would make me into a video game for Fight Night Round 3.

When they called me to tell me I won, my grandma and I were shopping and getting ice cream, we started jumping up and down and screaming again ( we love to scream)! That was my second time in Stuff but this time I got 4 pages in the March 2006 issue. After that Maxim Magazine called me and i did a page for them in june 2006 and Modified Mag called me as well and I was their cover girl in june as well so 2 magazines out in the same month! I was so happy!! I was finally doing what I loved. Now I also made 2 more covers for Performance Auto & Sound for the month of Nov. 2006 and their special edition “The Girls Of Performance Auto & Sound”. Also a spokesmodel for Hot Import Nights and currently “Miss HIN San Jose”!

You can also see me at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas at the PALMS Hotel where I work part-time as a Bunny black jack dealer.


Carmel Candy’s – ‘Baby Got Back’.

Just having a pretty face can only get people so far in life.  Having a good business mind, direction for your vision, and an unstopable work ethic are all things needed to make it.  Some folks have it, some folks don’t, but other have that and even more.  Being able to stop taking yourself too seriously, drop your guard and have fun may not be the only key to success, but it damn sure makes things more fun.  Luckily, for a singing, business owning, knockout model, a bit of fun is never a bad thing.  About a week ago, my boy (The U.K. Playboy Club’s) DJ Roy Rovelli hit me up and asked if the girl in the video below was the same Carmel Candy I had interviewed in 2011.  Much to my surprise, the video he attached was her spoof of ‘Baby Got Back’, a video that took all of 6 seconds to get me laughing.  The spoof shows Candy displaying her radiant sense of humor, and shaking the ass that has helped gain some of her fans.  When I asked her about it, this is what she said.
With this video I just wanted to show that I have a fun side, whilst still being able to be sexy.  I have a really crazy personality which doesnt really come across in my photo’s.  This video really shows that I am a performer at heart.
I hope you enjoy it!
Anyone who’s that beautiful, and is willing to get on camera and make a face like this… has to have a good sense of humor, and thats proof that Carmel Candy makes for far more than just a pretty picture.

Ms. Jillian.

Once again I’m straying away from the typical video girls after coming across another beautiful “girl next door” on ‘Me In My Place’.  Jillian seems to be quite the star on the ‘MIMP’ site, amassing more fan mail than any of the other women combined.  Be it the superior lighting, or the skill of the photographer, there’s just something about Jillian’s pictures that are mesmerizing.  (Although the bio’s on these girls may be somewhat sparse…)  Props to the guys at ‘MIMP’ for finding some of the best women in NY.

Mileena Hayes.

For whatever odd reason, I’ve been coming across more and more beautiful models with more pictures, and less background information.  As much as I try not to just have photos and put some real biographical information, a unanimous decision was made that Mileena Hayes had to go up no matter how little my staff could find out about her.  What I do know is that she’s been in the pages of XXL, Blackmen Magazine, Dimepiece Magazine, Maxim En Espanol, Hip Hop Weekly, Plies “Bust It Baby” Calendar, and many more.  She started out with a lingerie line, and after walking out at the end with all the models at multiple fashion shows, she was getting offers to be a model herself.  Excluding print, she’s been in the film “Still A Teen”, the BET Now Video Show with Lloyd, and in music videos with Trey Songz (Say Aahh), Red Cafe’s (I’m Ill), Method Man & Redman (Mrs. International), and Ghostface Killah (We Celebrate).



The Great Wall Of Vagina.

Before I even start this post, I just need to say that I’ve always wanted an excuse to scream that from the rooftops, and now thanks to British sculptor Jamie McCartney, I can.  Trained at Hartford Art School, USA, where he graduated in 1991, Jamie is an artist who is hard to define. “I blame my degree in Experimental Studio Art… I’m still experimenting”. He admits to being a sculptor but shuns any closer definition. “I make things”. This mock humility belies a strong character with a definite je ne sais quoi… A maverick, a self-confessed enfant terrible and what he makes is causing a stir. The influence of his work in the film industry are clearly seen in his sculpture practice. Materials and techniques adopted are used in his assemblage-style work, combining i.e. animal hides, taxidermy, human teeth with sculpted and cast body parts. His interest in the human body has led to some unusual work i.e. Actaeon, a man’s torso cast in deer hide and The Impossibility of Passion, the beginnings of his move into what he calls Neo-Surrealism. Other works include After, a cast taken from his dead father, and the soon to be launched Great Wall of Vagina, comprising casts taken from the genitals of 400 different women. This work has attracted interest from around the world during its five years in the making.

The Sabina Kelley Interview.

In the entire history of this blog, every interview I’ve featured, I’ve conducted myself, but this time around things are a bit different.  The folks over at YUHMM Magazine, got a hold of the ever so lovely Sabina Kelly and spoke with her about everything from the start of her career, to her tattoos, to her future plans.  Normally things like that don’t stop me from going after someone for me own interview, but the crew at YUHMM did it as well as I would have.  So below is the interview conducted by them, featuring Ms. Sabina Kelley.  Enjoy.

You are a formally trained ballet dancer and a former Vegas showgirl. I’d love to see you whoop ass on Dancing with the Stars. If cast on the show, do you think you could go all the way?

Hell ya! I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars. That show is so fun to watch because I love dancing. I think I would surprise a lot of people.

We think you would too. Tell us how you discovered the world of burlesque.

I discovered the world of burlesque with my love for pinups. I like everything from the 40’s and 50’s and burlesque was part of that. Dancing has always been really important in my life and I like all aspects of dancing. I even took a dance history class in college that taught me a lot about burlesque. I really got into it when I ran across old Sally Rand, Bettie Page and Tempest Storm burlesque footag. The tease of it is so playful and fun, and not trashy.

As a modern pinup, you’ve really carved out a unique niche for yourself by being one of the first to really put a rockabilly tattooed twist on a Bettie Paige style. Do you feel as though you’ve been instrumental in joining the two worlds?

I think maybe in a way, but I was not intentionally doing that. I was just being myself and was really involved with the scene. I do know that I have opened a lot of doors for girls who are heavily tattooed to model now in the industry, and showing the world that you can be heavily tattooed and still be classy, beautiful, sexy, and successful.

There’s been some debate with photographers that we’ve talked to that the communities like SucideGirls and GodsGirls are a fading trend. If that’s the case, some tattoo removal offices will be very busy in the next few years. What are your thoughts?

I’m not part of SuicideGirls or GodsGirls, but I do agree that SuicideGirls and GodsGirls are fads. I do think tattoos are popular now, but are also a fading fad. I had tattoos before they were cool and will have them after they are not cool anymore. I definietely think tattoo removal offices are gonna be busy. Why do you think I own my own ( I think a lot of girls and guys are getting tattooed right now because of how cool the reality shows are making it out to be, and I think a lot of them will regret their decisions and want them removed.

You and Anne Lindfjeld were recently featured in Playboy together. We’ve read on your blog that you shot with Playboy but the photos have yet to be released. I’ve been reading Playboy for many years and have never seen a fully sleeved centerfold. I will jump for joy if you are the first. Why do you think Playboy has been so safe and conservative with their model choices?

I would love to be the first centerfold or even better a Cover Girl for Playboy. They have been so safe and conservative with their model choices because Hef does not like tattoos. I hope to change his mind and be an exception.

Switchblade Stilettos is the name of your site. With a name like that you have to be able to back it up. Can you?

What do you think? Ask around or ask my girls!

Wow, like that, huh. You’re about to go to war and your commander says you can take three model friends with you. Who would you pick and why?

Dita Von Teese, so she can distract them with her beauty! Ava Garter, so she can talk shit to them! Heidi Van Horne, so she can kick some ass with me!

That definitely sounds like a deadly combination. You own Staytrue Tattoo in Nevada. Tell us how this came about and have you ever given anyone a tattoo?

My husband and I own two Staytrue Tattoos in Las Vegas – one on Reno and Arville and one in China Town. I have never given anyone a tattoo. I’ve been asked to do tattoos on people, but I talk them out of it because I draw like a 5 year-old. I guess if you want a stick figure with big boobs tattooed on you, I would be the perfect girl to do it.

You better watch what you say here. You may have a line of fans outside of Staytrue asking for that exact tattoo. We asked your gal pal Heidi Van Horne (who you have a line of Pinup Playing Cards with) this same question… how flattered are you when you see a fan sporting a Sabina Kelley tattoo on their body?

I’m totally flattered when I see a Sabina Kelley tattoo on someones body! It is such an honor. There are quite a few people with Sabina Kelley tattoos. I have been posting the pics on my website and MySpace since I’m so proud of them. I can’t wait to see one of my tattoos on a cover of a magazine!

What’s the most unusual place someone has tattooed your image on their body?

No one has really tattooed my image in an unusual place, but there has been people that have done a whole back piece, a whole sleeve, or a huge rib piece. I think it’s really cool!

You’ve been quite fortunate to have the successful career that you do. If you weren’t being the fabulous pinup sensation that you are, what would you be doing?

Oh man, that’s a hard question. I’m not too sure. I just do what I want to do and follow my dreams, and as I conquer a dream, I think up something new and strive for that.

So, what’s ahead for the beautiful Sabina Kelley? We hear talks of a tv show.

There is a lot ahead for me. I can’t give the details on everything right now, but lots of exciting new stuff. Yes, a TV show is true.

Last question, you have one sentence to convince me why I need to become an exclusive member of your site. Go!

Where else are you gonna find full sets of my images and see personal pics and hear of news before anyone else. My site kicks ass!!!

Giulini Wever.

Giulini Wever, the actress, model, tv host and martial artist is originally from the island of Curacao.  Her ethnicity is a mixture of Dutch, German, Chinese and Latin. (Damn).  Aside from English, she happens to be fluent in Spanish, Dutch and her native dialect, Papiamento.  Her ambitious, determination and focus has landed her in roles like ‘Dem Girls’ from David Guetta and Nicki Minaj, Kush by Dr. Dre and Snoop, and not to mention Jamie Fox and Kanye West’s ‘Digital Girl’.  She’s also graced the screen in videos with Britney Spears and Akon.

The 2011 Miss Reef Calendar Video.

I know quite a few questions will be thrown my way right after readers glimpse the title.  But I’m well aware that 2011 is almost long gone.  That being the case, the folks over at ‘Reef Guys’ know their women no matter what year it is.  Check the video of their brilliant 2011 calendar below.  (And don’t ask why I didn’t know about it until now… I’ll be asking myself the same question all 2012.)

Anishya Sue Reyes.

Anishya Sue Reyes hails from Dorado, Puerto Rico and currently resides in Orlando.  This very outgoing, optimistic, open minded fun model is finishing off school, majoring in Psychology, and plans to move to Miami (then Spain).  She’s worked with companies like Budweiser, Swisher Sweets,DonQ rum, HIN, Dub for promotional gigs.  She also boasts a very impressive video resume, appearing with artist such as Baby Rasta y Gringo, Treal, Dj Prostyle, Jadakiss, Pitbull etc.  Check her out.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Marilyn Monroe – Leaked Nude Photos.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

I know before they even read this, all the males said “he’s got to be joking with these censored photos.”, so let me explain.  About a week ago, I came across a source who dropped a couple photos on one of my hard drives and told me that they were the leaked pictures from February’s upcoming Playboy Magazine issue.  The spread is supposed to be a recreation of the ever famous Marilyn Monroe Playboy spread of yesteryear.  Oddly enough they chose Lindsay Lohan as the one to bring back this priceless collection of photos, and weather or not you think she was up to task is all a matter of personal opinion.  When putting these photos up, I was reminded that my sponsors (the people who pay this blog’s bills) tend to go ape-sh*t when there’s too much nudity on the front page.  SO, all you have to do is click the photo to see the bare-skin Miss Lohan in all her glory.  Enjoy.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.

Danika Joy.

Ridiculously voluptuous urban model Danika Joy has a truly unique and sexy look.  When Joy isn’t in front of the camera, she has a laundry list of other noteworthy pursuits.  She’s currently working on a law degree, and writing an autobiography.  Standing at 5’5”, and measurements off the meter, such as DD cups and 40 inch hips, it’s no wonder the Venezuelan, French, and Italian model has graced the pages of CurveHouse Magazine and Show Magazine.

Jeri Lee x Illest.

They say certain things run in the family, and not to sound the wrong way, but I’m very appreciative that talent runs in mine.  The clothing line ‘Illest’ has had many different looks and styles over the years, but when my brother Reginald Sylvester got a hold of a design job with them, I started to really follow the brand.  Recently the minds behind ‘Illest’ teamed up with model Jeri Lee to shoot some of their newest styles designed by Reggie.  Check out his designs… and Jeri’s body.

Meredith In Her Place.

On the trail for new models to post, I found myself once again scrolling through the beauties at “MeInMyPlace”.  Kudos to those men btw.  But one of their recent subjects Meredith had caught my eye because I recognized her from Inked Magazine (and we all know I love tattoos).   The guys at MIMP say she is quiet, but not to let that fool you.  Gorgeous and some of the wildest tattoos I’ve ever seen, I’m sure tons of viewers have already asked her what her next tattoo will be.

Ashley Richter.

Ashley Richter is a born and raised Floridian. A few years ago she started college with intentions on attending law school. At that same time in her life she found her talents in front of the camera.  After her first couple years of doing print work she was asked to act in a small film.  Richter’s confidence pushed her right through the role and broadened her career into the acting world.

“I wont settle for less than what I deserve. I am a dedicated future law student who is currently finishing my degree while I work on obtaining an internship with a federal organization.  I am a model and actress who loves being in front of a camera where I have learned to express my inner self. And most important I am a daughter, sister, relative, and friend in which I try to love, care, and be the best at. So from here I can only say I plan on improving the roles I already have.”

She stands at 5 foot 7, and boasts a sexy 34/24/25 profile.  Although Ashley has appeared in Black Men Magazine, Opus Magazine, and even getting a spot as a model in a Nike collection, I’m personally quite interested to see her in more films.

Sagia Castaneda.

Sagia Castaneda began her modeling career with shoots for Lowrider Magazine and Super Streetbike Magazine, after which she appeared as a background dancer in several rap and hip-hop videos.  Check the method.

Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, Lily Aldridge, And Erin Heatherton In GQ.

I had this totally well rounded, encapsulating write up I was gonna do on the new edition of GQ but saw these photos and forgot everythi…

Brooklyn Baylee x Enny M Photography.

It’s a well known fact that I’m always throwing photographers up on this blog, I’m a fan of vivid images, and people who capture riveting subjects with their work.  It’s also a fact that this blog is well known for the models I put up every few days, so I thought it a bit appropriate to combine the two for once.  The photographer Enny M. has been doing work with he Dominican-American Brooklyn Baylee for a little while now, and his combination of lighting, concept, and skill behind the camera seems to capture Ms. Baylee perfectly.  Brooklyn was born and raised in Northern New Jersey in 1985 and is the youngest of seven children. This fiery beauty is more than just a pretty face however. She is currently obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with hopes of working for Homeland Security.  Ms. Baylee has a wide range of talents other than her… astonishing 34F chest. She began studying dance at the age of eight and singing before she was able to speak which makes her someone to look forward to as her career progresses in the coming years.

Enny M. is a freelance photographer from northern New Jersey with over half a decade of photography experience.  His expertise doesn’t stop at women.  His street racing collection of photos you can find scattered around the web are a great example of how versatile and multifaceted his skills are.  Currently a college student with a Information Technology major and he is also a photography intern at a prominent studio in the Tri-State area.  If there are any models interested in shooting, he says the best way to contact him is through email at or his website.  But I do suggest going online and checking out the bulk of his portfolio.

Heidi Dupre.

The ever so lovely Heidi Dupre is a model living in LA.  She is an aspiring singer who has actually recorded a few songs.  When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling reading, and fashion shows.  But she’s not all about relaxation.  Her resume hold some pretty impressive projects including being a Lowrider Cover model for August 2008, she’s been seen in Streetlow Magazine (issue 52), and a slew of other magazines.  She’s danced on Telemundo, and been on Playboy Radio.

Nicole Zavla.

Everyone who’s read the posts on this blog about models knows I’m infatuated with people in my age range who are going out of their way to do big things… and I’m a sucker for a Jersey girl.  That being said, even if I wasn’t in love with models from my home state, Nicole Zavala would still be headed towards the top of the list.  Hailing from the Garden State, she spends much of her time in New York, and has been modeling since 14.   The lovely Ms. Zavla is Hispanic Colombian & Puerto Rican.  Her looks and body aren’t the only impressive things about her.  She boasts a resume that consists of videos with Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Red Cafe, Ron Browz, and others.  After you take a look her photos, check her out on twitter @neebabyx3.

Jessica Jacobs.

Jessica Jacobs was an interesting choice for a model post.  There’s another model already featured on the blog who shares a similar alias as Ms. Jessica ‘Rabbit’ Jacobs, which normally means I’ll avoid putting both “Jessica Rabbit’s” up to avoid confusion.  However, the Jessica Rabbit from sunny Santa Monica, California was so hot, it was pretty much a unanimous decision to put her up anyway.  This beach bunny is Creole, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, and boasts the measurements of 34D-25-38.  With a pair of truly incredible… eyes, she’s more than a pretty face in the crowd, intelligent, succinct, and articulate and is definitely a model who’s career is worth keeping track of.  Check her on twitter @theREAL_JRabbit

Miss Kara.

The ever talented Kara has been gracing the pages of one of my new favorite sites for the last few weeks.  A lover of all things cold and refreshing, Miss Kara did this shoot on a hot summer afternoon in New York’s lower east side.  Aside from wiggling out of her jean shorts for this shoot, she was also photographed playing Chopin on her white keyboard set up in the kitchen.  A lifetime of classical training was not lost on this one.  I will attend any concert she gives, I promise you that.

Suelyn Medeiros.

This ambitious, sweet and exotic Brazilian beauty, Suelyn Medeiros. Living most of her life in and out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she returned to the U.S to follow her big dream of becoming a doctor. Despite all the advice from friends and strangers that she should not put to waist her spontaneous personality and unique beauty and should become a Model.  In 2005 Suelyn was invited by a friend to participate in a fashion show at fashion week in NYC and there she was scouted by an agency. She began to do photo shoots and book countless jobs. Soon modeling was no longer seen as a hobby it became a career option. Suelyn was intrigued by the charming magical world of fashion.  No longer ignoring her possible star quality with her drive, and strive to succeed in something that became a new challenge she worked hard and in a little less than two years she has been on covers, various magazine spreads, swimwear catalogs, lingerie catalogs, clothing and beauty ad campaigns with the most recent L’Oreal Ad. Her interest in acting has landed her in Music videos, Commercials, TV Shows and two movies on the works. She’s been on Law & Order (one of my personal favorite shows) and featured in the movie “I Think I Love My Wife” with Chris Rock.

Beauty Right In The Backyard.

It seems like some of the things this blog is becoming famous for is the women I feature.  So in the spirit of not disappointing the people, I like to change things up when I can.  In my search for models, I’m aided by tons of different sites, recommendations, suggestions, and a multitude of offers from models themselves to get on the blog.  In an ongoing effort to switch things up, I decided to start from scratch and use an untapped source, with no success.  I kept finding myself on the same sites, the same people’s twitter’s, and going through the same emails.  After being frustrated, I was near the point of giving up, when a pop up from a Facebook friend sprung onto the side of my screen with her new modeling pictures, and it hit me… I communicate enough beautiful people online to be able to find someone gorgeous, successful, and professional that I hadn’t already featured on the blog (a.k.a. Yesenia Bustillo, Dana ‘Red’ Downer, Sarah Jane Swag, or ‘Carmel Candy‘).  Lucky for me, I found 4 more.


Vanessa Rae


Alexia Cortez


Estefania Crystal


Ashley Sky

Yeah… That’s her in the Jay-Z and Kanye West video for Otis.

Xian Mikol Quon.

Every so often I (or someone on my team) come across an amazing woman, who fits the credentials to be put up on this blog.  Some come from expected sources, and other just kind of float into my inbox, but when my assistant put me onto a site named “Me In My Place” I was quite astounded.  The wonder of “Me In My Place” is summed up most perfectly by their own little quote “Real girls in their own place. Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty….”.   Xian Quon fits this description to the T.  Her photos are simple yet provocative, and seem to draw the eye of everyone without needing to be overly explicit, or blatantly sexual.  All I know about Xian personally is that she currently resides in L.A.  But if you feel the unyielding need to hit her up directly, you can find Xian on Twitter.


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