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IllaDaProducer Explains The Origins Of The “Killshot”.

As I was buying a whole new bunch of Christmas presents for my team, I finally came to the “music gear”, and in the process of doing research, I stumbled across an extremely interesting video.  Eminem’s record-breaking diss track, “KILLSHOT,” was the final salvo in his late-summer feud with Machine Gun Kelly. The scorching song was a direct response to MGK’s own diss track, “Rap Devil,” which was in turn prompted by the shots Eminem took at the Cleveland rapper on “Not Alike.” Production on “KILLSHOT” is handled by IllaDaProducer, who also placed several tracks on Eminem’s most recent album, ‘Kamikaze.’ The Florida-based beatmaker spoke with Genius about creating the track on the latest episode of ‘Deconstructed.’  Check the method.

Are You A Producer Who Thinks They Know A Thing Or Two About ‘Reasonable Doubt’?


All modern producers are quite well aware of the art of sampling. Some producers do it, while others are strictly against it.  But regardless of your view, some of the most iconic records in Hip Hop history were created using samples.  Check it out as VinRican showcases classic samples that were used on jay-z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ album.


The Rap Board.

Click the pic to see the full board.

Some of my older work, like the ‘The Mix Up‘ is very sample heavy, and uses certain catch phrases from the biggest rappers.  When I was creating the collection, I had to dig through hours of acapellas to find the right samples to put into the songs, however, if I had known about “The Rap Board” a few years ago, I would have finished that project 3 months sooner.  “The Rap Board” is essentially just a literal board of popular samples from main stream rappers to use as samples.  Pretty dope, click the pic to check the method.

The Japanese Drum Machine.

Click the pic to listen.

So in my relentless pursuit of discovering all things related to foreign music, I stumbled across this funky little Japanese Drum, flash animation.  It starts off a bit oddly, but the tune that the drummers produce by the end is catchy enough to have you humming it for the rest of the day.  I’m honestly not sure who created it (or why) but if your at the office with 5 minutes to kill, take a look, and enjoy.