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Stop The Party (Remix)

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The T.I. verse from the remix leaked a few days ago, but Busta Rhymes has recruied an all-star lineup for the hit single “Stop The Party” boasting appearances from Cam, Ghost and DMX. Click the pic to take a listen.

‘Cocktails & Condoms’ Cover Art.

Tons of people have seen the announcement banner for “Cocktails & Condoms” produced by the master photographer Unni R. and featuring the lovely Allie Marque.  But while trying to figure out the final packaging scheme for the CD, I ran into a little issue, all the photos I have are a bit too good for me to decide which one should be coupled with the front cover.  I haven’t released the front cover as of yet, but I’ve already got that one down, what I need YOU to do, is take a vote on which of the 4 photos you like the best.  The winner will be the back cover of the CD.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

That New New: ‘Cocktails & Condoms’

DJ Storm Presents: 'Cocktails & Condoms'

So many people outside of my close circle of friends have been wondering exactly what I’ve been talking about when I keep mentioning ‘Cocktails & Condoms’. Well I’m finally allowed to give out some details, so here’s the skinny… ‘C&C’ is a mix CD I’m going to be releasing for the summer party season. Its a crazy blend on Electro, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Slow Jams. (yes slow jams).

‘C&C’ features music from Gyptian, Busta Rhymes, Steve Aoki, Drake, Vybz Kartel, Tiesto, T.I., Hyper Crush, Rihanna, Tokyo 24, Fabolous, Boys Noize, Gucci Mane, LMFAO, Jay-Z, Elephant Man, N.E.R.D., Ratatat, Usher, Michael Jackson, Armand Van Helden, G.O.V., Jadakiss, Rye Rye, and like a billion others. There are some brand new original DJ Storm remixes, remixes of remixes, and mashups of originals remixed with other mashup remixes the likes of which most humans on the planet have never dared to phathom. So needless to say I’m putting 1000% of my talents into creating a project that will truly be a unquestionably impressive work of music.

Many people saw the video behind the scenes of the make up shoot, featuring video by Unni R., and showcasing the work of the production team, Allie Marque, Joana Casanova, Ashley Forrest and myself. (and if you didn’t, click here). The purpose of that video was to give people a short taste of some of the music on the CD, and give a little insight into the process behind putting this type of project out. As things progress, I’ll be dropping a few more videos of integral parts of the creation of ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ and dropping previews of some of my favorite mixes from the CD at the same time. So be on the lookout for updates and notifications from now till the release date.

Its going to be a good one.

Behind The Scenes: ‘Cocktails & Condoms’

Recently I set plans under way to shoot the cover of Cocktails & Condoms. My lead photographer Unni R. was also on hand to shoot a short video of our model getting her eye and cheek makeup done.  The footage looked amazing, and I thought it’d be a good way to get some more people interested in the music that will make up the final version of this new project.  So below is the video I edited together of the make up session.  I know everything may be a bit vague, but more details about Cocktails & Condoms will be coming VERY very soon.

Michael Jackson x Ratatat

Click the pic to download the remix.

Its not necessarily a NEW mix of any sort, but I’ve gotten a few requests to put my Michael Jackson/Ratatat remix of “Do You Remember The Time” up on the blog.  This is actually the first mix I ever thought up (long before the demise of the King Of Pop) that has been floating around the web for some time.  But I’m hoping that having it up here will help spread it to a few more people.

Trey Songz – Over (Remix)


Click the pic to download.

City of Owls

DJ Jeff Phantom is back with a new Electro/House mix.  City of Owls.  Click the pic to hear or download the mix.

Jeff Phantom.