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Mr. Slow Photo.

It’s easier than ever to produce professional looking photographs. Some mobile phones can produce stunning results but ask any professional photographer and they’d say people are diving into the prosumer market without understanding key fundamentals like framing and composition. The SLOW concept turns your mobile phone into a camera that gives you control over three built-in lenses; fixed, macro and fisheye. Frame your composition and push the shutter.

This is how it works:

  • To operate, slide the front face open and insert your mobile phone.
  • Turn the lens to select which lens effect you want.
  • The Slow Photography camera has three lenses; fixed focal length, macro and fisheye. Carefully compose your shot by looking through the viewfinder and push the shutter release to capture your shot.

The Louis Vuitton ‘Only Watch’.

French luxury house Louis Vuitton has released a unique Tambour Diver Chronograph for Only Watch 2011 charity.  It was designed in collaboration with a young boy afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy named Paul Pettavino.  The sporty timepiece is made of black gold, which is white gold that’s been given the old PVD treatment. ‘Only Watch 2011′ is engraved in the back.  The dial details, rotative bezel and bracelet are in orange rubber – which is a favorite color of Paul Pettavino.  The transparent back enables the wearer to see the LJP 8181 movement with column wheel, and the watch is 100 meters water resistant.  The trunk is in Damier Graphite canvas, personalized by Paul Pettavino with a message and a ‘nautical sound’ recorded by Paul himself.  Paul Pettavino also contributed to Louis Vuitton’s Only Watch piece for Only Watch 2007 and Only Watch 2009.  Even for a non-watch-enthusiast, this one’s pretty dope.

Karl Lagerfeld Glasses?

Karl Lagerfeld has collaborated with Orrefors, the Swedish glass makers to create a collection of crystal including bowls, vases; wine, water and liqueur glasses and, naturally, champagne flutes.  The Orrefors brand is known for gracing the tables at the Swedish Royal Palace.

The glasses are hand-blown and Lagerfeld’s line will come in black, milky white and clear crystal, some engraved with the designer’s initials.  The series also includes monogrammed coasters “to prevent any trace of an errant drop on an immaculate tablecloth,” the makers say.  The Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld collection will be available from September 1 in Harrods, and Bloomingdales in the US from October 1.

Star Wars Vs. Adidas Originals.

Star Wars and Adidas Originals teamed up back at the end of 2009 to provide a fleet of heat for your feet in the year of 2010. (Now before I explain more, my sneak-head homegirl Gabby is going to chew me out all the way from D.C. because I’m 2 years behind schedule with these.  But Gabs, you want me to post up the new sh*t, you gotta send it over first.)  The extensive Star Wars x adidas Originals Collection is categorized into three different packs: the Characters Pack, the Vehicles Pack, and the Direct Pack. Both parties draw upon their renowned imagery-characters and starships for Star Wars and grizzled silhouettes for adidas Originals-to create pairs with flair. A few of the aforementioned characters and vehicles include the TIE Fighter, Darth Vader, and the X-Wing. The adidas Originals silhouettes that serve as the respective canvases are the Nizza Hi, the ZX Runner, and the Samba.  And regardless of when they dropped, I still think their bomb.  Check the method.

Glennz T-Shirt Designs (Part 1).

I’m around graphic designers, clothing companies execs, and T-shirt printers more days out a week than I spend with family, I’ve seen tons of designs, prints, and ideas for retail clothing.  But when I came across ‘Glennz’ designs, I was floored.  The creativity, the wit, and the humor ‘Glennz’ puts into every design makes the stuff he designs an instant classic.  Taking tons of references from popular media, everyday experiences, and relate-able subjects has given ‘Glennz’ a ridiculous library of designs, too many for me to put into one post, so I’ve spit it up into a 3 part series.  Check the method of the first of the series right here.

The ”Modli”.

Playing with lighting is one of the most crucial steps in interior design. MODLI was designed with this in mind. It allows the user to shape the illuminated object to the form of their choice, creating unique effects and completely customizable options. Now anyone can visualize and create the perfect lighting arrangement. MODLI is simple and practical for maintenance and provides versatile lighting effects in public areas and as an architectural light.

Where Do You Sleep?

It’s so very true, especially in my industry, that there is a blown up line between the “have’s” and “have not’s”.  Everyone knows when you go clubbing, you’re either in the regular line, or the line for the guest list.  Then someone struts in front of you from off the street who doesn’t have to wait in line, then that person may later get jealous because the person in VIP who paid for all the bottles is sitting with like 6 girls because he’s spending tons of money.  All the while the entire group of club goers seems inferior to the select elite few who are being paid tons more just to show up for a few minutes and take pictures.  It’s a simple concept that translates into all aspects of life… certain people have things, others “have not”.

The book “Where Children Sleep” reinforces one of the things I try to always keep in mind, which is that no matter what side of the fence you may think your on, its important to be aware of other people situation, and understand things from their side.  The book features a portrait and a short story of different young people from all around the world, and their living situations and explores the concept that there is always someone more or less fortunate than you are.  A friend of mine once said “Happiness isn’t about getting what you want, its about enjoying what you have.  So the next time you go to sleep in your own bed, just appreciate that you have one.

Fifteen-year-old Risa lives in a teahouse in Kyoto, Japan

This unnamed four-year-old boy lives on the outskirts of Rome, Italy. He and his family all sleep on the mattress in the photograph

Eight-year-old Harrison lives in a mansion in New Jersey, USA

Fourteen-year-old Rhiannon lives in Darvel, Scotland

Seventeen-year-old, 'X' lives in a 'favela' in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Four-year-old Jivan lives in a skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Four-year-old Kaya lives in an apartment in Tokyo, Japan

The book “Where Children Sleep” by James Mollison will be published by Chris Boot in November, and available on and other retailers.