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Casfly’s Microphone Controller

Contrary to what most of you may have been thinking when you clicked the link, no this isn’t a post about a new gadget I think is ill, or the best new mic on the market. This a bout Casfly’s new video titled “Microphone Controller”. I recently got the opportunity to speak to him personally about the video and its inspirations. Check the method below.


“The song Microphone Controller is the first single off my new mixtape the Hollernation EP coming mid October. It’s kind of interesting because it was a shelved song. I wrote the song last year (2009) a little after I found out about the producer that made it, Jasmonster. I wrote the song like almost immediately after hearing it, but at the time I thought it was too big of a song to release right away. I felt like I didn’t have a big enough fan base to release that song. When I was looking for bangers for this Hollernation EP, I remembered the song I had written months ago and from there I recorded it and shot a video. The concept of the video is pretty simple. It focuses on the role an individuals ambition can take on other aspects of his life, a concept that is a little to real in my actual life (lol). I’m also a huge supporter of Old English 40’s that was another inspiration.”

– Casfly


Wiz Khalifa – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor

‘Cocktails & Condoms’ New Drop Date

Artwork: Rodney Young. Graphic Design: Reginald Sylvester

So many people have approached me recently to talk about the changed release date of  ‘Cocktails & Condoms’.  The project was to be completed on July 26th, and released on August 1st, but has now been pushed to August 14th.  The primary reason for the push is my ever lasting obsession with perfection.  This mix CD is the biggest solo production I’ve ever pushed.  I even went so far as to taking the time to travel to multiple cities around the country in order to become better familiarized with the style of music in those areas so I don’t miss out on the best new music being played around the country.  During the final steps of creation, I had to undergo a minor surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed.  Anyone who’s had the procedure knows how little you can do the first few days afterwards, and how insane it would be to do something like… travel up and down the east coast doing shows, drinking, clubbing, and working on a major release, all while partially twacked out on pain medication and suffering from sleep deprivation.  But that was the path I chose to take after the surgery, and anyone keeping up with me on twitter heard how much not taking the time to rest up took its toll on me mentally as well as physically.   So I’m back in the bay area now, and totally devoted to completing and re-editing the CD to make sure it is 110% of everything I set out for it to be.  I’ve even been fortunate enough to be blessed with some new artwork for ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ by one of my favorite illustrators, Rodney Young (above), and will also have some time to feature some new music from Rob Scott, and MSTRKRFT on the CD as well.  But from here on out, there will no more mistakes, and no more excuses, and if your fortunate enough to be in the bay area on Friday the 13th, the release party will be held at Club Sutra in San Francisco.  For everyone else, the morning of Saturday August 14th will hopefully yield one of the most unique musical experiences I’ve ever been able to provide to the public, so look out for it.

-DJ Storm.

Rob Scott

Rob Scott is a versatile Brooklyn artist who’s many talents consist of singing, rapping, and acting. Throughout his career Rob Scott has performed with Will Smith at the 1998 Grammy Awards, done voice overs for Nickelodeon TV shows Dora the Explorer and Little Bear, and made appearances in ‘As The World Turns’ and ‘SNL’. As he grew older and, Rob’s main focus turned toward music and he plans to continue a very successful career in the music industry. After listening to Mike Posner’s track “Cooler Than Me” I was very impressed by Rob Scott’s re-imagining of the song titled “Never Gonna Get Me”, which featured a very unique style of singing, and demonstrated a versatile rap flow.  To hear more of Rob Scott, click here, and click the pic below to download the song “Never Gonna Get Me”.

Click the pic to download "Never Gonna Get Me"

The Incredibox.

No, this is not some sort of ‘Super-P*ssy’… The Incredibox is a functional and funny flash-based music making system.  Its very basic, but it is capable of creating some unique and interesting musical selections by handling a selection of human “beat-box” loops provided by the french artist.

Play in the Incredibox

One time, at Band Camp…

Every artist in or out of the game has to have an outlet to publicize their music. For most right now that outlet is the over used, over saturated, easily manipulated myspace music. It’s just as easy to find a person with html knowledge to change the number of page views you have, and the number of daily plays as it is to pose as another artist, or steal their material. And even if an up-and-coming artist was legitimate, he has no way of telling who’s listening to his music and what their responses are to it. The music site aims to fix these issues, and has defiantly hit the bullseye. The site provides a clear-cut space to display your music with no limits as to how many songs your allowed. The artist or band can also get a very in-depth look at which songs their fans are listening to all the way through, partially listening to, or are skipping all together. The band has the ability to choose their own price for their song if they wish to charge, (with no money being profiteered by Bamdcamp), and can also see any and all links posted about their music from Bandcamp. This new site will soon become the blueprint by which many other music sites are built, trust me. I’m not just a spokesperson… I’m a member. The site is free, so check out to set yours up, or refer a friend with an interest in their music being heard.