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Tokyo’s Capsule Hotel

The capsule concept has been around for at least 30 years, starting out as lodging for businessmen working or partying late who missed the last train home and needed a cheap place to crash.

Jumeirah Expands Presence In China With Ctrip Deal

The Jumeirah luxury hotels group has entered into a partnership with China’s online travel website, Ctrip, reported Travel Daily Media news website Sunday. The Global Direct Connectivity Partnership deal will soon allow Ctrip customers to make reservations more quickly for hotels under the Jumeirah umbrella. Ctrip is a leading one-stop China-based travel website that allows travelers to make reservations for hotels, air tickets and package tours. Special hotel offers, as well as a consumer contest, will be launched once work on the direct connectivity platform is completed. This deal makes the Jumeirah chain the first Middle Eastern hotel group to get a direct online connection with Ctrip. “It indeed strengthens our China development and enables us to engage more closely with our Chinese high-end customers,” Nicholas Clayton, chief operating officer of the Jumeirah Group, told the travel news website. Currently, the Jumeirah chain has one hotel in Shanghai: the Jumeirah Himalayas. The group is expected to open more hotels in China, including Jumeirah Guangzhou which is slated for an opening in late 2014, as well as other properties in the cities of Macau, Sanya and Hangzhou. The luxury hotel group revealed that the Chinese represent the group’s sixth largest market, and the most popular destinations in the Jumeirah portfolio for Chinese travelers are Dubai and the Maldives. The chain added that it is expecting a growth of 14 percent from the Chinese market to its worldwide portfolio in 2013.

Designer Inflatables.

It is time to save inflatables from death by boredom, and elevate them to must-have designer experiences. Meaning enhancing the way adults enjoy playing in the water, although even kids will find a designer inflatable quite a refreshing experience.  What if a designer hotel or resort had amazing, on-brand  inflatables in the pool, or on the beach, available for guests to enjoy, take pictures of, share with their networks?  It’d be an amazing thing.  Take a look at some of the dopest inflatable concepts below.


The World’s First Hermes-Decorated Apartment.

Luxury property developer SC Global Developments has unveiled a private apartment decorated by Hermès at its flagship development, The Marq on Paterson Hill in Singapore.  This is the first apartment entirely decorated by Hermès and SC Global said it will not be for sale, but to be used only for private engagements.

The spacious 6,232 sq ft five-bedroom apartment features a combination of furniture, wallpaper, carpets, fabrics, rugs along with made-to-measure upholstered items and a choice of artworks.  Simon Cheong, Chairman and CEO of SC Global, said the collaboration with the Paris-based Hermès lasted for 18 months to create the unique atmosphere.

“By realising for the first time, a complete project of home decoration and furnishings, we also share with SC Global a unique experience and express our high quality values of excellence and craftsmanship in the home universe,” noted Hélène Dubrule, General Manager of Hermès Maison.

The Marq has 66 exclusive residences on a 1.2-hectare ground. The units consist of high-end bungalows within a luxury high-rise apartment setting.  The development’s unique design features include airy double-volume (6.5 metre high) living spaces providing panoramic views of the city skyline and a 15-metre cantilevered lap pool in every apartment of the Signature Tower.

Apartment sizes range from 3,000 sq ft for a 4-bedroom apartment in the Premier Tower to 6,195 sq ft for a 5-bedroom apartment in The Signature Tower.

China’s Underground Hotel.

A few years ago, British engineering firm Atkins won the rights to design an extravagant hotel deep within a 100-metre pit in Shanghai‘s Songjiang District.  Construction on the Intercontinental Shimao Shanghai Wonderland finally commenced last month, and the hotel is scheduled to open in early 2015.

The 19-storey structure will be grafted onto the side of the 100-meter pit, with 16 floors burrowing down towards the deep quarry floor.  It will hold about 380 rooms which are expected to start at about $320 per night. The building will also feature an underwater restaurant.

A massive 60-meter tall glass curtain wall adjacent to the main structure will descend down the rockface in a manner that will “mimic a waterfall”, while the surrounding cliffs will be given over to bungee jumping and rockclimbing.

The Riviera Prive Beirut.

At first glance we thought this was a campaign for sunglasses, but no. This campaign of massive vinyl stickers hit the bathrooms of Beirut’s trendy spots to draw attention to Riviera Privé. It is an exclusive beach, pool and bar and lounge area in one of Lebanon’s most famous hotels, the Riviera Hotel.  Riviera is located right in Beirut city, facing the Mediterranean. The hotel has been a favorite destination of jet-setters since 1956.  The Riviera Privé area has seen several reiterations of glamour and luxury, as has the hotel itself, but it is definitely the place for beach-loving locals who want to see and be seen. The sticker campaign created by République Beirut  plays cleverly on this theme by implying reflective sunglasses and evoking the sense of being watched. My guess is that not so long from now, a sunglass company will use this same idea.

The Nolitan Hotel.

New York based practice Grzywinski+Pons collaborated with Veracity Development to complete ‘The Nolitan’, located in the Grace Nolita neighborhood of New York City.  Set to open its doors to the public on August 1, 2011, this will be the area’s first boutique hotel.  The venue will hybrid luxury and domestic comfort prioritizing access to the immediate surroundings to present an authentic local experience along with modern accommodations, amenities and food.  In addition to the conventional reservation, a personalized profile will give employees ample time to prepare for individual needs before their arrival. with only fifty five rooms, the limited capacity ensures a personalized stay for all guests.  A variety of room arrangements provides visitors with the fitting option to acclimate quickly and venture into the neighborhood with rentable bicycles and skateboards.  A glass facade at ground level along with several balconies ensures a constant visual connection to the urban landscape.  Floor to ceiling windows ensures unobstructed views of the skyline with channel glass to maintain privacy.  A comfortable lounge area with a contemporary library welcomes guests in the lobby.  The landscaped rooftop becomes a year round destination for residents and guests with shaded terraces and outdoor fireplace.
Edmond Li, owner of Veracity Development has stated:

‘With the Nolitan Hotel, I hope to share this place with citizens of the world, while creating a hub for the neighborhood that year-round residents can enjoy.  The Nolitan Hotel is both a luxury boutique property and a neighborhood place where everyone will feel at home.’