Science x Photography

Caleb Charland is a Maine-based photographer who combines a love of scientific experiments and photographs into wonderful and amazing photographs. If Isaac Newton or Benjamin Franklin were into photography, their photographs might look something like these:

Candle in Vortex of Water

In regards to his work, Charland has stated: “Wonder is a state of mind somewhere between knowledge and uncertainty. It is the basis of my practice and results in images that are simultaneously familiar and strange. I utilize everyday objects and fundamental forces to illustrate experiences of wonder. Each photograph begins with a simple question “How would this look? Is that possible? What would happen if…?” and develops through a sculptural process of experimentation. As I explore the garage and search through the basement to solve these pictures, I find ways to exploit the mysterious qualities of these everyday objects and familiar materials.”


Gilla House Bounce.

Reggie Noble a.k.a. Redman, is back on the scene once again with the freestyle “Gilla House Bounce”.  Click the pic to download the 1:41 track.

Download "Gilla House Bounce"

Beachfront Home.

An oceanfront house is a desired home for most people. However, a home like this one turns this desire into a dream come true. The amazing 5900+ sq.ft house has 2 levels, including 5 bedrooms, office, closets, 7 baths, as well as a vast 1st level room that unites the living room, the dining area and the kitchen. 

All of this is surrounded by breathtaking views of the ocean and the local greenery, thanks to the house’s glass walls. The property offers also a balcony facing the ocean, a clay tennis court and a convenient nearby 800+ sq.ft. guest house. Completely remodeled in 2008, this open floor plan residence evokes sighs – for both its beauty and price, which is $29,000,000.

The Doctor Is In

When most hip hop artists release news, it shows up on blogs, or on MTV.  When Dr. Dre drops news, it gets a slot on CNBC.  In a recent CNBC interview, Dr. Dre discussed his new single with Jay-Z, and the promise of Detox coming this year.  Sounds too good to be true but it looks like the Doctor will be releasing ‘Under Pressure’ featuring Jay-Z within the next 2 weeks and that Detox will indeed drop in 2010.

CNBC Interview

Mexican Luxury Home Plans.

Angel López and Carlos Ortiz of 7XA Arquitectura studio did a good job in creating a modern home on  a 5,000 sq.m. plot in El Uro, México. They aimed to bring the owners the best views to the Sierra Madre mountains and they succeeded. The vast plot gives an opportunity for lavish planning and 7XA took advantage by designing the house in a cross shape.

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The house is articulated by a central space with a wooden cylinder in the middle, which serves as a guest bathroom. This space divides the house’s different areas: the more open ground floor that hosts social functions and the semi-closed and more intimate upper level with bedrooms facing the huge garden.

Alyar Lie


Aylar Lie


Aylar is one of the most popular figures in Norwegian media. She is without doubt the most debated and interesting persons on the scene, and she is currently using her popularity to strengthen her music carrier while she is working on her auto-biography that will come out this fall.

The Iranian-born ex porno-star Aylar Lie revealed she would have liked to visit her father in Iran. But she can’t, as the Islamists in power there vowed to kill her if she sets foot on her native soil. Her “guilt”? The mere fact of having beeen a porn-star makes her easy target of Islamists, who consider sex and porn as sins punishable by immediate death by stoning.

Aylar Lie

Thank Me Later… Way, Later.



Sources, have just stated that Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later” has just been pushed back until June 15th.  The reason for the delay hasn’t been released as of yet, but Drake has said that for his next few shows he’ll be performing a new single from “Thank Me Later” entitled ‘Fireworks’.