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Just chillin in my gigantic packing tape spiderweb thang.

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What’s the coolest thing you can do with 117,000 feet of packing tape? If you said building a humongous, self-supporting spider web inside a historic Viennese stock exchange, then good awsnser.  There are a lot of situations in which being a fly on the wall would be cool, but at the DMY Berlin Design Fair being a fly caught in the spider’s web is even cooler.  Click either of the pics to see the time-lapse video of the web’s construction.

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Pacman and Google take over the world.

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Hennessey Venom GT: The 725bhp V8 Lotus Elise

John Hennessey is obviously the modern-day Carroll Shelby. And while Shelby may have one foot in the grave (not two), it’s obvious that the Texas-based tuner is stepping up to take over where ol’ Shel left off.  For one thing, HPE is perhaps the most reputable tuner when it comes to extracting huge, reliable horsepower out of domestic cars (along with a few foreigners, like HPE’s Nissan GT-R “Godzilla“.)  They’ll sell you a Camaro with a 725bhp tweaked LS9 supercharged V8 out of the ZR-1, and it’s such a clean conversion that an OBD scanner will have no problem pulling codes.  Oh, and it’s got a warranty.  How about a Cadillac CTS-V that will do 186mph in the standing mile?  Or maybe a 1000+bhp twin-turbocharged Dodge Viper?  A Grand Cherokee SRT-8 that runs high ten’s in the quarter mile with a twin-turbo 426cid Hemi?  No problem!

Now, as far as the Hennessey – Shelby comparison goes, it makes a lot of sense.  Shelby spent a lot of time in the 80’s making Turbo Mopars go really fast, and these days Hennessey spends a lot of time making boring domestics like the Lincoln MKS go really fast.  (How fast?  Hennessey’s MKS MaxB00st runs 13.08s in the 1/4 mile with minimal bolt-ons and ECU tweaking.)  But going back even further, to the start of Shelby: the Cobra was, at it’s core, a lightweight British chassis stuffed full of a gigantic American V8 (Ford 260’s, 289’s, and later 427’s.)  The Venom GT is the exact same thing, only brought up to modern times: a tiny British chassis mated to an epic American V8.

While it’s certainly unusual (and certainly the world’s meanest-looking Lotus), the prospect of a 1,000+bhp V8 in a Lotus Elise is hard to ignore.  I have no doubt the man will sell every one his company wants to assemble, even at a half-million plus pricetag.  Look for the official debut of the Venom GT later this year, possibly at Pebble Beach.

Won’t Back Down.

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Late on Thursday (June 3), the latest leaked track from Eminem’s eagerly-anticipated sixth album Recovery hit the Internet. “Won’t Back Down” is a powerful burner that features some shout-along verses from Slim Shady that bounce and dart all over a bottom-heavy, bluesy track built by DJ Khalil. Though some fans were skeptical of the fact that Pink was on the track, her rugged-but-pretty pipes add a great twist to the chorus. Past Emimem albums haven’t contained a ton of guest spots, so each and every tag-team Shady chooses is gone over with a fine tooth comb. But “Won’t Back Down” ranks up there with some of Eminem’s best recent songs, which means the team-up with Pink should be considered a gigantic success.

2010 BTR-II 650 Evo Porche-977

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Digital Projections.

Impressive and stylish projections on buildings, a renewing way of communicating.  For those who want to carry out a message in a striking and visually attractive way with guaranteed exposure: 3D Projection on buildings is the communication tool of the future.  NuFormer Digital Media develops high-skill 3D video mapping projections. These 3D projections will be custom-made to fit any specific building and will be exposed by a battery of powerful projectors.  The top video is a visualization of the concept, the bottom video is the actual live demonstration.  Both of them are quite amazing.