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Every true Hip Hop head knows about the lyrical tenacity, crippling metaphors, and ahead-of-the-curve punchlines of Canibus.  But what they may not know is that on Wednesday, May 12th, Sellasse and ‘We All We Got’ will be hosting the rap titan for a show on the Melatonin Magik tour.  Click the pic to get pre-sale tickets.  Its going to be one to remember.



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When it comes to cult-classics, a reinvention, a re-imagining, or a remaking can never come close to the soul the original posses.  Growing up, ‘Species’ was one of my favorite movies.  The new film ‘Splice’ isn’t a reboot, or a sequel to ‘Species’, but seems to have to same feel.  A feel that got my attention.  Two young scientists (Brody and Polley) achieve fame by splicing human DNA with the DNA of different animals to create a new creature. In the process they ignore their society’s ethical and legal boundaries. The scientist’s name their creature “Dren,” which is initially a deformed infant. However, it rapidly develops into a deadly, winged human-chimera.  Click the pic to check the trailer.

The Tripple Dub

I know that many Americans want to lose weight, and here’s a novel new workout craze to help you do just that. Combining racial stereotypes with exercise techniques, exercise guru Ty Bowman has created Southern Cali’s latest workout craze…The White Women’s Workout.  As a New Jersey native, I think this will work well in certain neighborhoods in Plainfield, Newark, Hillside, Trenton, and Camden.

Money To Blow… On Designer Drugs.

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Its always great as a musician when your inspired by your peers, especially if they aren’t in the same field of work as you are.  Not too long ago I was at Stanford University, when a friend of mine, (Rodney Gateau) turned me on to a song named ‘Drop Down’ by the electro group Designer Drugs.  After procuring the song for myself, I began to come up with a mix in head, put it on the tables and fleshed it out.  If you manuvered your way to this blog from, then you have already heard some of the mix, if not all.  But here for your listening pleasure, is a remix of ‘Money To Blow’ by Baby, ft. Drake & Lil Wayne, with the beat of ‘Drop Down’ by Designer Drugs.

Whats in store for Thor.

From the looks of the first exclusive picture, the costume Thor will be using in the film is based more upon Marvel’s mainstream “Thor” series rather than the “Ultimate” version of Thor. This is especially interesting, given that many of the other Marvel movie characters have used the publisher’s “Ultimate” universe as source material.  While we don’t get to see Thor’s magical hammer, Mjolnir, in the picture.  I would suggest, anyone going to see ‘Ironman 2’ this weekend, should stay after the credits if they want a look.  I can’t give away too many details, but trust me.  Its going to be epic.

Zane 7

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Zane-7 is the alias of a phenomenal female artist born and raised in Japan.  Click the pic to see more work from Zane-7.

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Veronika London

Veronika London (SHOWTIME TV-Series “Body Language, HBO TV- Series “Lingerie) has been named “Megan Fox of Hollywood North” by Maxim magazine. London comes from a latin and french descent, and apart from her television career she has had starring roles in feature films, “Jane Doe”, “Black Eve” and “Mvnera” just to name a few.   She’s been quoted saying: “I stay away from anything ordinary.  I’m the reckless babe with the sword or shooting heroin – Restless to the max, obsessive and a workaholic”

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