Mexican Luxury Home Plans.

Angel López and Carlos Ortiz of 7XA Arquitectura studio did a good job in creating a modern home on  a 5,000 sq.m. plot in El Uro, México. They aimed to bring the owners the best views to the Sierra Madre mountains and they succeeded. The vast plot gives an opportunity for lavish planning and 7XA took advantage by designing the house in a cross shape.

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The house is articulated by a central space with a wooden cylinder in the middle, which serves as a guest bathroom. This space divides the house’s different areas: the more open ground floor that hosts social functions and the semi-closed and more intimate upper level with bedrooms facing the huge garden.


Alyar Lie


Aylar Lie


Aylar is one of the most popular figures in Norwegian media. She is without doubt the most debated and interesting persons on the scene, and she is currently using her popularity to strengthen her music carrier while she is working on her auto-biography that will come out this fall.

The Iranian-born ex porno-star Aylar Lie revealed she would have liked to visit her father in Iran. But she can’t, as the Islamists in power there vowed to kill her if she sets foot on her native soil. Her “guilt”? The mere fact of having beeen a porn-star makes her easy target of Islamists, who consider sex and porn as sins punishable by immediate death by stoning.

Aylar Lie

Thank Me Later… Way, Later.



Sources, have just stated that Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later” has just been pushed back until June 15th.  The reason for the delay hasn’t been released as of yet, but Drake has said that for his next few shows he’ll be performing a new single from “Thank Me Later” entitled ‘Fireworks’.

Real Life: “Spirited Away”

This is supposedly one of the onsen that Miyazaki modeled “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” after. (“Spirited Away” to us non-Japanese folk)…  Click the pic to check out the entire scene.

Spirited Away scenes

Trey Songz – Over (Remix)


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Rob Dyrdek cameo in spectacular “drift” video.

As a car fanatic, I am always looking for the next impressive automotive whatever that may come along.  But when I peeped a rediculous drift video out of L.A., there seemed like nothing could make it nicer than the insane driving, and percision stunts… Until Rob Dyrdek showed up and shot the car up with a paintball gun.   Click the pic to watch the 4 minute movie.

Watch the drift video

Pharrell talks new N.E.R.D. album.

In an recent interview, Pharrell discussed the sound and feel of N.E.R.D’s new project, the quality of the production, and why they decided to scrap 27 completed tracks and start from the ground up to create ‘Instant Gratification’.  Click the pic to see the interview.

Watch the interview here.