Bout Dat.

I just had an opportunity to check out the new video from Grafh featuring Jim Jones entitled “Bout Dat”. Click the pic to watch the video



Eminem’s Recovery.

Check out the cover art for Eminem’s new album ‘Recovery’


Michael Jackson x Ratatat

Click the pic to download the remix.

Its not necessarily a NEW mix of any sort, but I’ve gotten a few requests to put my Michael Jackson/Ratatat remix of “Do You Remember The Time” up on the blog.  This is actually the first mix I ever thought up (long before the demise of the King Of Pop) that has been floating around the web for some time.  But I’m hoping that having it up here will help spread it to a few more people.

Bobby McFerrin plays an audience.

Many people can play instruments. The violin, the drunks, the piano, or the tuba are all conventional instruments. Turntables, beat boxing, or an MPC are less conventional, but I haven’t seen anyone use an entire audience as a musical instrument. Bobby McFerrin demonstrates how the Pentatonic Scale is universal, and can be used to make music without people realizing the complex nature of their actions. Its pretty sick.

The Sensory Box

This is a video of a display set up at a mobile convention by Lucent-Alcatel, a provider of mobile web services. Its a little slow to start, But it completely awesome as a whole.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Its been 10 years since the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And its been about 5 years since the epic battles that would go down in my college dorm when my friends would get on the sticks. M.v.C.2. was a classic game that still holds a great deal of re-play value, and its the hope of all the old fans that the new edition keeps up the level of great game play of its predecessor.

Living Large

Every so often, I come across some crazy interior design, but the house I’ve stumbled across in the pictures is the closest thing I’ve seen to my definition of a perfect home.  Any interior architects interested in designing my future home should take some notes.

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The staircases, bed and ceiling of the pool area are all illuminated in such a way that I’ve had in previous spots I’ve lived in, so that really caught my eye when I saw this home.  Click any of the pics to blow them up.