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Aluminum Eyeglasses from EXOvault

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EXOvault represents their first eyeglass design – EXOvault Kingsland Eyeglass Frames. Machined from solid aluminum they are absolutely unique and beautiful. We have been testing the glasses for a month and have found that they draw a bit of attention. If you don’t like being noticed and admired these are not for you! You will be able to choose from a range of finishes including plated gunmetal, bronze, nickel and anodized aluminum.

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“Pyramid House” by Juan Carlos Ramos

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The simple geometric shape of this conceptual pyramid-shaped home creates a clean aesthetic, while remaining extremely eye-catching due to its iconic though rarely applied form. Some highlights of this design are the multiple windows cut out of the four large triangular facades that allow natural light into the home. An enormous window covers one entire side of the structure that visually exposes and lightens the design. Viewers also get to see inside the modern multi-level interior which features a library, balcony, two bedrooms, and even a recording studio that have all been cleverly sectioned to fit inside this unconventional concept.


ASAP Rocky (Starring Rihanna) – Fashion Kill


ASAP Rocky releases the official music video for his Long.Live.ASAP album cut “Fashion Killa.” The visual stars the beautiful Rihanna, who is no stranger to being around the ASAP Mob leader.

Dreamscape by Yasuaki Onishi


Using a combination of tree branches, hot glue, and urea, Osaka-based artist Yasuaki Onishi created a stunning installation at the Kyoto Art Center as part of his two-person exhibition “Dreamscape” with Yuko Matsuzawa. Crystalized urea appears on thin glue lines and draping down from the tree branches, creating a dense “frozen forest” that stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. The installation piece is a move in a new direction for Onishi, who usually uses hot black glue and plastic sheeting to create airy, floating volumes.

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