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The REK Book Case.

REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The more books the bigger the bookcase gets. The zigzag shaped parts slide in and out to accommodate books in the resulting voids. REK will always be full, regardless of the quantity of books. Also the books can be arranged according to their sizes. The narrow spaces are excellent for magazines.

Precious Paris feat. 50 Cent – Everything Ok.

With more and more female emcees in the game as of late, it’s no surprise that some have a different persona than others.  Nicki Minaj can be whimsical, and does the pop thing on the side, The Bobby Effect is hard spitting, and lyrical, but can also whip up a banger of a party track, and artists like Precious Paris just have the gangster roll down to a science.  Check out her latest video ‘Everything O.K.’ featuring 50 Cent.

Pop Culture… Live.

Madeon performs Pop Culture live in Nantes, France back in July 2011.  Awesome-sauce.

Spectacular Surrealistic Paintings.

Russian artist Vladimir Kush was born in Moscow and is a surrealist painter and sculptor. He defines his art as metaphorical realism instead surrealism. His paintings are fascinated by fantasy stories. His paintings looks like influenced by Salvador Dali.

Asher Roth feat. Meek Mill – Party Girl.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Roth since before the release of ‘I Love College’, but you can’t always predict what any emcee will decide to do musically.  A collaboration between Meek Mill and Asher Roth seems a bit off the scale of possibility, but then again, stranger things have happened.  Click below to take a listen to ‘Party Girl’ from Asher Roth ft. Meek Mill.

A Silent World.

Some photographers are a jack of all trades when it comes to different types of photography, and others are just masters of one particular style.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen enough of Michael Kenna’s work to categorize him like that, but I will say that the one style/recurring theme of his collection “Silent World” shows a mastery of his craft.  All the photos individually tell an eerie story that depicts loneliness, alienation, and a vast distance from familiarity.  Take a look at this collection, and to see more from it, just click here.

The Superyacht You Can Control With An iPad?

The iPad can control all kinds of devices, from your Apple TV or remote desktop or AR.Drone, to slightly more bizarre things like a robotic prison guard. Given that, it was only a matter of time before someone used it as part of an overall badass project, like the Adastra Superyacht.

The $15 million Adastra Superyacht is a 139-foot-long yacht built by Hong Kong billionaire Anto Marden and yacht designer John Shuttleworth. The boat itself looks futuristic, but the coolest part is that you (or somebody) can control it using an iPad. With the iPad control system, someone can guide the yacht from up to 164 feet away.

I imagine it’s a bit like controlling a toy boat, only it’s friggin’ huge. The chassis of the 47-ton superyacht is made out of carbon fiber, with a glass and Kevlar foam sandwich hull. Adastra can travel at its optimum speed of 17 knots–which is around 20mph–for up to 4,000 miles.

While I don’t know much about what’s onboard yet, it would be interesting to see what other tech the boat uses. A fully automated wet bar, perhaps?